Monday, March 09, 2009

Just the Numbers

It's been a rough week.

Monday - 0
Tues - 5mi recovery on the treadmill due to poor road conditions
Weds - 10mi w/5x1000m attempted but only managed 4:13 to 4:40/k on dead legs
Thurs- 6.5 mi out of 12 planned (too tired)
Friday - 0 rest (needed a break more than making up missed miles)
Sat - 6mi easy, slow but legs feeling better
Sun - 15 miles with 12 at MP for avg pace of 7:49 and HR of 143 which turned out to be more comfortable than expected and left me fairly pleased with the result.
Monday - 0 with nicely pleasant tired feeling all day

And on we go with a work trip keeping me on the run for the rest of the week. I'll be bringing the running gear and hoping for the best. Have a good week!


Michael said...

Hang in there, six more weeks...

Ewen said...

There's always smooth after rough.

Nice effort on Sunday - looks good for Boston.

Thomas said...

You seem to be rather tired a lot. I hope you're ok.

Unknown said...

I hope this is a better week for you.

bricey said...

well done for keeping going despite what seems like a rough/busy time (on all fronts). Good luck with the next 6 weeks..

Maybe start an early taper!! :)

Bill Carter said...

Great Sunday run! The rest maybe not your best with being so busy and all, but the taper is coming up fast.

Best of luck.