Saturday, June 06, 2009

A new month

Closing in on 750 miles for the year so far with only 63 last month for good reason. The last few weeks have been just walking on the mill with totals of 11, 15 and 18 miles. The walking keeps me active but is getting boring on the mill when the weather is so nice outside.

As you might guess my recovery is coming along nicely with no problems to speak of and each step is a step forward to getting back to normal once again. The doctor has put very severe limitations on me for 4-6 weeks with no lifting of anything heavier than my dinner plate (5lb), no running, no driving, no biking etc. While this has been quite limiting, I'm still allowed to walk as much as I want and so the daily treadmill routine. I'm now up to about 3 mi/day at 4mph and get a nice healthy sweat on by the end of it. However, I still get tired and need my naps in the afternoon! On Monday we get to see the doctor for the 1st time post-release from the hospital and I will get to beg for permission to do more things. The request list is long including driving car, motorbike, biking, running, lifting, and all sorts of other regular activity. Let the fun and games begin!

Speaking of which, "The 3 Blind Moose" have been busy scheming for our fall 2009 running get together and have narrowed the choice down to the Vermont Green Mountain marathon on Oct 18. Over the past few years we have done Wineglass (below), Mount Desert Island and PEI and after much discussion we picked Green Mountain for it's scenic venue, small but fast field and it's history as a good marathon.
As always the main plan will be to have fun, tell bad jokes and to run as well as we can. It should be an easy goal to complete. Have a nice week and keep on moving forward!


Thomas said...

It's great that you're already planning ahead for your next marathon. Make sure Marc finishes that one. If you can do it after your operation, he'll have absolutely no excuse!

Good luck with the doctor. I'd go mental with those limitations.

Andrew said...

It is good to see you keeping up with the walking. Let's hope the DR gives permission for more activity!

I have a bunch of new frog jokes for the trip.

Ewen said...

I hope you get your way with the Doc - bribe him with a few cases of Boag's if need be!

VGMM sounds like a good one - "half dirt road" would tempt me to run. My feet are saying yes already.

Grellan said...

Your recovery must be going very well if you're planning the next marathon. Best fo luck with the doc.

A. Power said...

Good luck with the doctor.
I hope you get to drive your new car!

The DVD I was going to send you got delayed during burning, I'll ship it out on Monday morning.

bricey said...

good to see that the recovery is coming along well. looking forward to reading your next marathon build.

Nice graphs btw!!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to hear that your recovery is coming along so well. Great job with the walking. Hopefully your doctor will allow you to get back to doing more things soon.

Cal said...

Great to hear about the recovery! You'll be on the marathon trail in no time!