Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Grainy Picture

I hope that I won't get in too much trouble for this but after Andrew's 'Grainy' post I just had to show the picture along with the story which he forgot the details of.

This picture was from one of our very nice meals during our holiday in Sweden and the main story was how the Swedish tradition is to eat outdoors in the evening air for as long as possible into the fall/winter. In order to accomodate and make this odd habit more palatable for the customers blankets are provided at the door. At this particular seaside restaurant we couldn't even get inside the door if we wanted despite the obvious empty tables inside. "No, no! Outside only", the waiter told us. So we had a lovely romantic outdoor meal but I was rather chilly in my shorts, sandals and t-shirt with only a small blanket protecting my bare legs. But isn't it a nice picture?

On the running front, I had another great run today. For the first time in a long while I just couldn't wait to get out the door to get running. This was despite a lack of sleep recently and a long day at work but after the wonderful long run I'd had on Sunday with Andrew I wanted to see if it was a fluke. Not! Ran a nice easy 10k along the back streets and trails and even slipped in a single faster kilometer at 4:30/k pace. It felt really nice to float along for a change instead of usual plodding. After the fast k, the legs were a bit tired but recovered nicely and the rest of the run was a nice easy float. Give me more of this and PEI will be a breeze!

Can't wait for my next run... Hope your day/week is going well!


Trevor said...

So good to hear that things are looking up. Those hills heading through Charlottetown will be a breeze for you ...

Thomas said...

The one thing I remember most from our trip to Sweden a few years ago was the millions of mosquitoes who seemed determined to suck me dry. Eating outside would not have been part of my plans.

Your running seems to be going well all of a sudden though. Don't get overly ambitious for PEI, though.

Ms. V. said...

A blanket! Hilarious!

Ewen said...

Yes, it's a good photo - the grain makes it look like an impressionist painting.

A blanket is hard core - they have outdoor heaters for us softies down here.

Glad the running legs are starting to do the right thing. I've never heard of any marathon described as a 'breeze'!

Anonymous said...