Sunday, November 22, 2009


First, I was taken entirely and totally out of context by Andrew once again. The smallest comment made gets blown entirely out of proportion and I'm left defenceless. And yes, he did choke on his water and it serves him right!

re: Mile 7 comment "My wife wore me out yesterday." - I was raking leaves for several hours and then spent the afternoon cleaning up the garage so we can accommodate up to 2 cars, a motorcycle, power tools and a new snow blower. I spent the evening lying exhausted on the couch and then went to bed early so I could get up early to run with you know who!

re: Mile 8.5 comment "That dog reminds me of my daughter."- I saw a German Shepard dog which reminded me that my daughter is waiting for her new puppy which will be weaned in the next few weeks and is very excited

re: Mile 11.5 comment "I'm glad I kept my pants on."- A very low blow and he really did choke on this. It was a cool morning at about 0C/32F at the start and the light breeze during the return miles made me comment that I was glad I hadn't worn just shorts. Sheesh!

But seriously, it was a good thing that Andrew was with me today or I would have stopped the run after only a mile or two. For whatever reason (and I can think of several but none are obvious to me) it was just not my day today, feeling very lethargic and tired. Despite Andrew's great stories and bad jokes we still ended up cutting the planned 17 miler short to only 12. The chicken jokes as bad as they were deserved retelling at least on poor Ewen's behalf.

Chicken Joke #1:
Why did the chicken cross the playground?

Umm, why?

Because it wanted to get to the other slide!

Ouch, shoulda seen that coming.

Chicken Joke #2:
Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?

Hmmm, should know this. OK, why?

Because it heard the referee call fowl!

Double ouch, groan!!

Chicken Joke #3 will not be retold because I still don't get the punch line.

That's about it, it's been a slow week as I had to take several days off due to the dentist having a go at me once again. The details are too gory to go into, suffice to say that 4 days later my jaw is still sore. Hopefully next week will be better and I can slowly start building my base mileage up in preparation to start training for Big Sur.

Take care, have a nice week and make sure your dog wears their hunter orange when they go outdoors!


Trevor said...

Very funny! I kept flipping back to Andrew's blog while reading this, to see the quotes you were referring to. I think your dentist is having a very good year!

Andrew said...

You were so funny today! Rest up for our next run.

Jamie Anderson said...

Ha ha ha! Good stuff. :-)

Thomas said...

Quoting out of context is a great game, isn't it? It makes you go all defensive.

I was curious how bad the chicken jokes really were. Now I prefer you hadn't re-told them. The mystique is gone.

Grellan said...

I think you should have re-printed Andrew's comments before your defence, as I read your post first and only got it when tuning into Andrew. Andrew's version of events certainlg make for more entertaining reading.

Ewen said...

Surely you're making up those comments Mike - I reckon Andrew quoted you verbatim on his blog.

Thanks for the video - now I know all I wanted to about 'Twilight'.

A hate to admit it, but #1 and #2 elicited a smile. I'm sure #3 was the winner though!

Michael said...

How do you feel about not racing Boston, or more importantly, how excited are you to race Big Sur... I've only heard good things?