Sunday, April 04, 2010

21 days, 22 miles

Time is flying by with just 3 more weeks to go before Big Sur. With spring finally arrived the pond has warmed up and our goldfish are becoming more active, even begging for food. When you put your fingers in the water they like to take nibbles. They haven't had a chance at my legs yet because the temperature is still only about 15C but they will soon. I was tempted to try it after today's long 22 miler but opted out because I was so stiff and sore at the end that it might have been hard to keep my balance on weakened shaky legs.
Meanwhile on the indoor scene, Jo's indoor plants do almost as well as her outdoor ones with new blooms on a regular basis from a bargain buy she got in January. I guess her green thumb works for all types of plants!
As I said, just 3 more weeks to go and training continues to go well. On Thursday I did my last significant marathon paced run with 9 miles at a slightly up-tempo effort. Going into this workout I didn't feel very ambitious but surprised myself once it got going. The route was exactly the same as the previous one on March 18 with an extra mile tacked on the end but the pace was much improved at basically the same effort (heartrate).
Today's last long run of 22 miles went very well, despite not quite 'feeling it' again at the start. Might have been some residual tiredness from the MP run, but the pace was still good, nearly identical to the last long run at 9:07/mile (vs 9:08 for 21 miles) and a lower average heartrate of 131 (vs 133). Mind you I was very tired at the end of the 3hr 20min and the legs had that last miles of the marathon feeling over the final 4-5 miles, but that's what I was out there trying to do. The things you do to yourself in order to be able to run a 'decent' marathon....

Well, that's enough for now, time for some more beer and ice cream. Have a great week!


Trevor said...

Things keep looking up for you Mike! Perhaps the iron is kicking in?

Thomas said...

That's a great improvement, Mike, and just in time for the marathon. You may well end up surprising yourself - in a good way.

Andrew said...

Great job on the 22 miler. 3:20 is a long time in a training run!

Grellan said...

Your stats are certainly moving in the right direction and at the right time too. I think you have an uncanny knack of pulling things together when you need to - maybe it' subconscious.

Don't you just love that end of marathon feeling in the legs that a long run gives you. Especially when your sitting down afterwards with a beer.

Sonhasrisenrunning said...

Great run Mike. I hope that things come together and you get a PR. Nice consistency in your training this spring and winter.

Ewen said...

I know what you mean Mike. Sometimes I think indecent marathons would be preferable ;) Looks like it's coming around enough to make Big Sur at least half decent. Now, not too much beer and ice cream during the taper!

Love2Run said...

Trevor, yes it seems I'm finally getting a nice kick in the pants that I was waiting for.

Thomas, anything can happen and it feels like more improvements come each day

Andrew, yes it's a long time but time on my feet was the goal since the 'thon will likely be 3:30+

Grellan, don't think its my imagination any more. Finally getting some spring back in the legs

Sonriserunning, long way from PR territory but will still plan to run strong

Ewen, never heard of an 'indecent' marathon before but it sounds like fun. Yes, watching the diet now in taper mode.