Sunday, December 18, 2005

Boston Training Plan Week 1 of 18, check!

Whew, that was tougher than I expected but most of the effort was in the mental anguish department. How to fit the scheduled runs around a busy holiday schedule? Between work meetings, lunches, Christmas parties and some more nasty weather I was still able to get in all the runs but in different order. Total for the week was 60 miles in 8hr 55min with year to date at 2099.

This morning was a short 6 mile 'recovery' run, originally meant to be the day 'before' the long run but it was switched due to our family get together. It turned out to be a tough slog on the treadmill, probably because the body was expecting a rest day and not another running day. Once I got through the 1st couple of miles the run went a bit better but still was harder than expected for an easy run.

The coming week is also totally rearranged so that I can get my runs in and not interfere with parties, work and most especially Christmas day! We're really looking forward to having the whole family together again for the week.

Today's get together was nice with lots of good food and family fun. Would like to have stayed longer but we had to get home so A could finish his homework project that he left till the last minute. He might even get to pull his 1st all nighter and still not out of high school!

Here are some pics of the new Havenese puppy. He's incredibly small and cute!

and he loves to play with the cat (who is the boss of course)
Nothing to do with running but that's OK. Have a great week all 4 of my readers ;-)


Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

What a cute little dog. I love little dogs. And the cat in the previous post is adorable. Great job on finding a tree.

Good luck with your Boston training and have a wonderfull Christmas.

Unknown said...

That's one cute little puppy. My kids would love me if I got them a new dog just like it. Nice job on week 1.

Andrew said...

Way to go on week one. It looks like the cat is going to eat the dog.

Sandy said...

Holy smokes, you rock!!
Your training schedule is intense.
What an adorable puppy!
Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Love2Run said...

Thanks everyone! The training is going well so far and I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas ;-)

Anonymous said...