Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Penquin weather here already

It was one of those days where only polar bears and penquins were out and about. Besides the usual comments from co-workers like 'you're not running today are you?' it was a normal winter day that felt more like January than early December. There was no way that this runner was going to miss his 1st day of the training plan unless he was run over by a truck or something.

Conditions were worse than expected with a temp of -10C and windchill of -18C (or near 0F) and once again I was wearing every available piece of clothing and wishing for more. Could have used some vaseline on the face as well but maybe next time. Started out really slow and easy as there was a light dusting of new snow being blasted around by the wind. The usual around town route today with various twists and turns and hills and valleys to make up the required 8 miles. Also did a set of 10 striders, which were more like pickups, in the middle of the run. These were about 25sec fast running and starting on the minute after jog/walk breaks. Total time was about 68 min and froze up again over the last mile into the wind.

Not much else happening except that the walk to/from work of about 1 mile was a good way to wake up and cool down after a long day. Might be the winter parka and scarf but I didn't seem to notice the cold as much. Looking forward to having Otto back from NZ tommorow which should make the work routine a little easier with him around.


Dallen said...

The temperature looks a lot colder in celsius. I have never tried the vaseline idea. I've always doubted it would really help and felt that smearing gunk all over my face was pushing things a little too far.

Mike said...

I'm with Dallen on the vaseline, but I'm in Tucson, Arizona so what do I know. 36 degrees f today! I can't believe you can do pick-ups when it's that cold, good work.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I always love the looks of amazement I get when I say I ran in the cold. It really was nothing, but, I'll take it. After all I am a Penguin runner.

Love2Run said...

What! Vaseline is my friend on the coldest days! An extra layer that breaks the wind, prevents freezing of exposed parts (like noses & ear tips) and last but not least helps prevent ageing of sensitive skin ;-)

Really it does work wonders!

Anonymous said...