Saturday, December 10, 2005

Snowy Saturday

The storm is past and just a quiet landscape remains. Here is the same view of 'my' golf course as taken on Nov. 4. What a difference a month can make!
The sun was sparkling on the water and it's a beautiful day with temps now rising to near the melting point.
I like closeups and would have done more but my son was waiting in the van for me. We had been driving around getting him some experience on winter roads.
And I did get a run in this morning after clearing the snow off the driveway making for a good warmup. Just did a slow easy 6 miles around town in about 53 min. The roads were a bit slushy but traffic was light so I was able to run down the center of the street for the most part where the salt had melted the snow away. Nothing much to note except that I dragged out an old 'retired' pair of shoes for the run so that I could save my current good shoes for Sunday (i.e. not salted & soaked).

The plan for Sunday is to get up 'before' the crack of dawn and motor over to visit Andrew for my long run of 17 miles. Looking forward to running with him again but will need several coffee stops before hand ;-)