Sunday, December 04, 2005

On the long run again

A chilly but nice sunny day for a long run with temperature about -5C (21F) and a light westerly wind that was noticeable. Thinking about Mike running in the Tucson 1/2 in 65F temps on a fast course, good luck Mike! Also remembered Andrew who likely had his feet up and was on his 2nd cup of tea by the time I started at 9am. I'm just not a morning person but hopefully we can still co-ordinate for some more runs over the winter. At least we don't have snow and cold that turns all your extemities different shades of 'pink', right Dawn?

It was also cool enough at last night's parade as you can see from the pink faces of the carolers. Some of you may even recognize a couple of bundled up faces in the background.
As usual it was small but well attended and of course was on St. Andrews time (meaning late)!
Even Santa and his reindeer made an blurry appearance.

But back to the run, besides thinking about fellow bloggers I actually ran into another runner (FG from Florenceville) and we had a nice chat as we cruised around the sideroads of town for a mile or two. The great thing about company is the conversation and the fact that you don't even notice the chill. When F. peeled off, I was on my lonesome for the rest of the 16 miles that I managed to complete. It went fairly well, no complaints from the legs except over the last couple of miles where they felt heavy and a bit wobbly. Nice to stop and call it a day!

Total of 6 runs, 50miles, and 7hr 42 minutes on the roads for the past week. It's been a nice build up since KV and after one more week of this I'll be ready to start training for real!!


Mike said...

Mike, good job for the week. Nice-looking parade too. It's hard to get out in the evenings for the season's festivities, but it's always fun when we do. We're off to "Zoo lights" here in Tucson, where it was 33 degrees at the start of the race today, but up to high 60's (farenheit of course) by the end. Looking forward to your "plan".

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Mike - must be nice to be back to the long run. I've got to tell you, after reading yours and Andrew's blogs, I really miss running Downeast!

Love2Run said...

Well you never know, maybe we can all get together for a long run sometime ;-) or even in a race?

Anonymous said...