Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bedding down for the winter

No, not this runner going into hibernation but rather preparing the yard and pond for the long winter months.
Waders were required for the cold water today as I moved plants around and adjusted some of the plumbing before the big freeze to come. The goldfish are still active and were swimming around my feet and legs.
Jo's pond is now put to bed for the winter. We only need to put in a 'night light' which will provide an air hole for oxygen exchange for the fish. I'll post some pics when things freeze up later on next month although we might get lucky and have another mild winter.

Things have been kinda boring on the local running scene with just easy runs all week. 6 miles here, 7 or 8 miles there, 5 miles today with a total of 40 miles in 5 days of running for the week.

Don't forget to keep an eye on Thomas who is running the Dublin marathon on Monday. He is runner #10176 but they don't seem to have online tracking. I won't jinx him by predicting a time and will just say that he is set for a breakthrough race. Go Thomas!


Phil said...

Mike .. please do keep posting pictures of the pond. I still can't believe that the gold fish can survive the winter; but what do I know? I start locking up when the temp drops below 50F.

BTW ... Thomas is going to kick ass. He is in great shape and I predict that he will be burning up the streets of Dublin on Monday.

Thomas said...

Now you guys are chatting about me behind my back???

Talk about pressure!

DawnB said...

Wow, will the gold fish survive,
Dawn the pink lady posted pictures of snow today!!! I guess you did this just in time. Are you sure you shouldn't bring the goldfish in for the winter :)

Love2Run said...

Don't worry, the goldfish are used to this. this will be their 3rd winter under the ice. A little night lite to keep a hole open and they do fine, just a little hungry in the spring!

Sorry, Thomas but waiting for you to run is hard on all of us. The tension and excitement can be felt across the ocean!

Mark Bell said...
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Mark Bell said...

Mike, thanks for your comments on my marathon and what cool pictures you have on your site. I need to visit here more often.

Anonymous said...