Sunday, October 08, 2006

A post with many names

There has been alot happening lately and I can't decide what to call this post and so here are some possible post titles:
  • One year Bloggiversary - post#184
  • Phedippidations 1/2 marathon race report
  • Better home and garden ponding update
  • Tabletop Hill adventures
  • Guinness! It's spelled Guinness!
So...I'll tackle them one at a time. Yes, today is exactly one year from my 1st tenative post into the unknown. Little did I know what I was getting myself into and it was all good. The virtual community of runners of all abilities who support each other and offer advice and kind words during the good and bad times. Though I've only met a couple of these bloggers in real life whom I can now call my friends, I'd like to think that many of my other virtual friends whom I've never met would also become good buddies if we ever got together for a race of a run. It's because of this community and people like Andrew and Marc that my running has gone to another level and is ready to progress even more in the coming year. Thank you all!

Today's run was my version of the Phedippidations 1/2 marathon on my own private course. There were no mile markers, no water stops, no cheering crowds except in my head while listening to the latest edition of Steve Runner's podcast. My results are now posted. It was just a normal Sunday morning run with loops and turns around town, a quick stop at home for extra drinks. I was feeling fine for most of the run but did tire a bit over the last few miles. Total of 13.1 miles in 1:48:48

We've also been busy, or at least Jo has been busy reworking her pond lately. My involvement is mainly in the heavy lifting, wading into cold waters, and removal of small dead animals from time to time. As you can see there are some huge plants surrounding the pond and gazebo area. The tallest plants with the red flowers are a Canna lilies and are over 6 feet high!
Right now the focus is on the waterfall area of the pond and getting some large flat rocks in place. The trick is to get them level and not have huge leaks that take away from the flow rates. There is also the aesthetics of it too and so the 'right' rocks must be found for each spot in the overall arrangement. It might take some time and alot of foamy glue stuff to get right.
Did I say what a gorgeous day we had here today, in fact all weekend has been near perfect, though a little cool in the early morning. After lunch today we took a few hours to do a little hike in the local area of Bayside called Simpson Hill. It was a winding but rugged trail up and down and the view of the river and estuary were quite amazing on this perfect clear day. It's hard to believe they're considering turning this into a quarry.
There wasn't alot of wildlife but we did run across a few small snakes basking in the sun which I captured on camera for Dawn. Sorry, Dawn ;-) but it is a cool shot with his forked tonque in the sun and all.
Now last but not least is the Guinness story. Thomas gave me a hard time for misspelling the name. It was an honest mistake and now here is the offending beer in full blog glory including a closeup of the rocket widget.
It's not quite like the Widget on the how it works website, maybe it's an American variety? I guess you learn something new every day, right Thomas?


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I think mine is coming up soon as well if it hasn't already passed. I'm one post up on you with 185.

Thomas said...

Congratulations on the blog-a-versary, glad you think it's helpful (I knew it is for me).

Never seen that kind of widget before, but then again I never drink Guinness out of a bottle. I didn't really give you a hard time, did I?

Love2Run said...

Thanks folks, this is a great medium isn't it?

No, you didn't really give me a hard time Thomas. I wanted to show my audience what a real beer looks like, though it's best as draft. Must be Andrew's twisted sense of humour rubbing off on me (remember his pace bunny post?)

Steph said...

Looks like you guys have been busy since you got back! I liked the snake picture :) It was a gorgeous weekend here too... Supposed to be 21 today! I keep thinking it'll be the last nice day... but they seem to keep on coming. Better enjoy it while we can I guess!


P.S. Only two months and I'm done exams!! :)

Phil said...

One year of blogging ... congratulations. I agree, there are a lot of nice people out here in the blogsphere. And a great 1/2 marathon so soon after the Wineglass. Looks like your legs are already well rested and ready to go.

Finally, thanks for the pictures. Seeing someone wearing long sleeved clothing gives me hope of cooler days to come.

Have a great week.

Olga said...

Hey, happy 1 year! It's a nice community, I like it too:)
Love your yard! Come over, do something with mine...I think I already invited you before, didn't I?

Jamie Anderson said...

Happy one year blog-o-versary. I'm relatively new to the deal, but am really enjoying reading your posts as well as others. Congrats on the virtual half-marathon! Cool idea.

DawnB said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary. I'm finding your feelings towards bloging, very similiar to mine and with the circle of friends I've become apart of and with all the support, and advice I will be getting, I'm looking to get to the next level with my running also.

Anonymous said...