Saturday, October 07, 2006

Rest and recovery?

It's been almost a week now since Wineglass and already the wheels are turning, thinking about the next run, the next training cycle and the next race. But 1st a little R&R in the form of no running, lots of good food (including the occasional beer and ice cream), and some gentle exercise like walking and biking. We took our time coming back from Corning by way of the back roads, avoiding the interstate, and were treated to some great scenery through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
But it was still a long 2 days drive and Jo and I were happy to be home at last. A was glad to have us home too after minding the ranch on his lonesome for 5 days!

There were no bad after effects from the race other than sore feet from my blisters and slightly stiff quads which is normal. Going up and down stairs was not the problem it usually is and there was little stiffness in my legs. I almost went to volleyball on Weds but held off at the last minute after getting 'the look'. "Yes, I know I should take it easy for a few days, coach."

However, my nervous energy made me lace on the shoes and head out the door for a short easy 4 miles on Thursday. It was great to just go along for an easy jog with no pace or distance in mind except to be able to run again. We're into those cooler crispy days now where it's cool in shorts but only until you get started. The air seems so fresh and with all the fall colors it's a perfect time of year in my books and so I hate to miss a day.

On Friday I took another day off though my body and mind was begging to go again. Instead I biked to and from work and tried to ignore the temptation by having another Guiness. Do you know about the 'rocket widget' they put in each bottle? It kind of caught me off guard when I heard this rattling noise in the bottle that Marc had given me. Is it some kind of joke or trick? (I've never had it in a bottle before, only on draft at the bar). But yes, they put this little 'rock' inside to do whatever it does, perhaps to help stirr up the thick malt, mmmm! So I went and bought some more!

Today, Saturday was another lovely fall day here and didn't dare let it go to waste unrun. After our traditional blueberry pancake breakfast with plenty of strong coffee it was on with the previously bloodied shoes and then off for another short run (sorry Andrew but I can't help myself). This time it was a 5 mile 'jog' around our town Point on the water on another perfect calm, cool (4C. 38F) fall morning. I was thinking Kenyan shuffle, nice and easy jog but average pace was 8:02! Spent the rest of the day lazing around the yard, helping Jo with her pond and waterfall. I'll post some pics later on when we're done the revision.

On tap tommorow is the Phedippidations 1/2 marathon would you believe? No, I'm not crazy but I'm planning to run this virtual race with over 500 runners world wide. Anyone can enter, design your race course, pickup your virtual goodie bag, get your t-shirt design and then run the distance on Oct 7 or 8 and submit your times to the race website. The reason I'm running is.... well, I signed up months ago before Wineglass and so now... I have to do it cause I said I would. That's all there is to it, just a nice easy, easy relaxing run with a Phedippidations podcast on the mp3 player and that's it! Besides it's going to be another perfect day here in the maritimes and what's a perfect day without a nice run?

Happy running (or not)!


Phil said...

Mike ... so what's the story with the "... previously bloodied shoes"? Also .. how do you prepare your "blueberry breakfast"? I'm lazy and make mine from a mix.

You are recovering nicely .. have a great week running (and relaxing)

Andrew said...

A half marathon? You're crazy. Jonathan asked if I had legs for 20 with him this morning (Sunday). Can't do it.

I'll be starting BL on 11/5. I suspect you'll have a 20 in long before that!

Thomas said...

For a start, it's spelled Guinness, not Guiness. And the widget has something to do with the creating the perfect foam head (though it's never nearly as good as from draft).

As in :

The purpose of the widget is to release the CO2 from some of the beer in the can to create the head. The widget is a plastic, nitrogen-filled sphere with a tiny hole in it.

Jamie Anderson said...

That virtual 1/2 marathon is a neat idea! Hope the recovery continues to go well.

Love2Run said...

Boy, what a lot of q's. I didn't think I'd get in so much trouble. The marathon shoes were bloodied on the top where the bottom of the tonque rubbed the tops of my toes and caused quite a mess (didn't affect my run). These were well broke in and I had the same problem with a previous pair but cut away some of the tongue to fix it (not this pair though).

The blueberry pancake receipe is a family secret straight from Betty Crocker! Local blueberrys are very good and cheap.

No Andrew, I'm not crazy, just slightly obsessive sometimes...

Sorry for offending our Irish reader and getting the spelling wrong. I even had the bottle by my computer to check but muffed it. However, it's in a bottle not a can and the widget looks like a little rocket, neat! I'll put a pic in my next post with my 1/2 report.

[rich] said...

Souunds like ideal running weather :-)

Anonymous said...