Thursday, October 12, 2006

run, rest, repeat

simple isn't it?
but that's all there is to it.
the trick is in the infinite variations of these 3 ingredients

run long, run short, run hard, run easy for months or weeks on end
rest short, rest for days or weeks


don't get injured
feeling twinges or soreness? deal with it, don't ignore it or you'll get bitten

monday - holiday here and a rest day

tuesday - easy run of 5 miles in 40some minutes, no aches or pains or twinges or anything, feeling smooth but slow

weds - another rest day; biking back and forth to work; volleyball for 2 hours in the evening felt awkward and rusty

thurs - heavy rain and wind all day; cleared late in the day and walked home in time for a 60 minute run before supper. trusty garmin is in for repairs and felt strange with a simple digital watch. hmmm, how does this work again? on/off! nice quiet run in the aftermath of the storm with fog and moist air, along with the back woods paths and fallen leaves.

friday - another rest day is planned

Sat - short easy run before heading up to Bathurst to visit my Mom for a few days

next week i'll run 4 days, the week after 5 days, and the week after that it may be back to the 6 days a week schedule though on reduced mileage for another month or so. at least that's the general 'unstructured' plan for my off-season before the buildup to boston begins in mid-late december.

happy running !


DawnB said...

That's what its all about. Great plan Mike. Enjoy your visit with your mom.

Andrew said...

Will you be ready for 22 milers in November?

I like your plan. Stress, rest... repeat. That is it. Over and over.

Are you doing PR training this winter?

Thomas said...

Are you planning on running 7 days a weeks at some stage?

Love2Run said...

thanks dawm, it is now my official off season ;-)

22 miles? i can't run that far... pr traing as opposed to trying to keep up training? we'll see!

no 6 days a week is my max. tried 7 days and found that it was too much for the old body and spirit. as much as i love to run i need my rest day...

Olga said...

This is my first year trying that. I am a newby in the area of rest:) So far I am surviving although itching. Have fun!

Phil said...

Isn't it nice to run without the Garmen every so often. Very liberating. Enjoy your "off" season.

Anonymous said...