Saturday, October 21, 2006

Recovery almost complete

First a quick update on my oldest son, Chris who was home for the weekend to pick up his new (to him) car. Can you tell it's his 1st from the big grin? He's worked hard, saved his money and deserves it, I believe.The Chicago marathon is over but you can still view the video of the entire race at their website which is now saved in a bunch of video clips (love it!). The Chasing Kimbia runners had a bad day but still ran very well and were in contention up to 20 miles; their pacemakers did a super job too. Dallen had an awesome race finishing in 2:42, but slowed in the 2nd 1/2. Zeke had a very smart race and looks like he held back with even pacing to finish nicely under 3 hrs in 2:58. Way to go guys!!

Another runner I've been watching closely is my cousin who was making another attempt at a BQ today in the Kennebecais Challenge Marathon. The results haven't yet been posted but I've got my fingers crossed on what would have been a tough run on a cool blustery day with a headwind for most of the way. Go Jerry, you deserve it, and you will do it!

On the local running scene I did a short 4 mile jog on Saturday as part of my compulsive habit. Needed a few miles to up the weekly total to 35 from the previous week of 30. The plan for the coming week is 40.00 miles (no more, no less) and it needs to be a small progression each week, not an exponential increase that some other (unnamed) runners attempt.

Today's run, was a medium-long 13 mile slogfest in the cold and wind with temperature between 2-4C (35-40F) and light winds 5-10mph but felt worse than that. I started just after 7:30am just as the sun was coming up and never really found my stride the entire run. Seemed to be dragging the entire way and the wind seemed to always be in my face. Things did get a little better after about 1 hour but then the tired factor began to play a part as well. I guess the recovery thing is still incomplete and running 4 days in a row may also be playing a part. At least Monday will be a rest day and hopefully things will improve next week. I'm still mulling over the training plan and goals for the coming training cycle and will post in the next few weeks. It's either an all out attempt looking for substantial improvements, tough with our unpredictable winters, or a sort of maintenance level running at 40-60 miles per week to get me through the next Boston.

Good running and have a great week!


Unknown said...

I really wish they would show live telecasts of the major marathons. I just checked out the line-up of elite athletes for New York and it should be an exciting race on both the men's and women's side.

I wish I knew the last names of bloggers so I could find their Chicago results a bit easier. We did have a gal from our Fleet Feet team run Chicago today in 2:54 and change.

Olga said...

Your son does look a happy camper:)
I, too, like to follow results.

Love2Run said...

They had a live feed during the race which was of decent quality and was exciting to watch. However, I had to go and was able to only see the video clips (lower quality) later on.

Update on my cousin Jerry. He missed his BQ again ;-( Results now posted at -

Like I said, it was a tough day weather wise. Better luck next time!

Andrew said...

Your easy progression is smarter than mine. My right knee decided to complain yesterday forcing me to delete today's run. It's never easy.

Jamie Anderson said...

Thanks for the video clips link. My apologies to NASCAR fans, but I think marathon racing is much more exciting. If I wanted to watch a bunch of rednecks go around in circles, it'd be easier to tie a six pack of Busch beer on a string and whirl it around my head.

DawnB said...

Thanks Mike for bringing my attention to the vedio reals. The only news I heard about Chiaco was the male runner falling at the finish. I had no idea who the woman winner was. So it was really nice watching without knowing.

Congrats to your son nothing makes you feel more proud than accomplishing something you worked hard for.

Sorry your cousin didn't make his BQ again.

Looks like you are really getting back into the swing of things. I am going to do a little research on pregression run.

Phil said...

Congratulations to your son on his first car. This is something that he'll always remember.

Anxious to see what you come up with for the winter months. I won't need it of course, but after suffering through a hellish summer this year, I'm interested to see what you do to cope with the winter in Canada.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Looking forward to seeing the new plan for Boston. Go for broke! I know it is tough through the winters (ask Andrew, I complained a LOT during our runs in Eastport), but what have you got to lose? There is an indoor track in Farmington. You are more than welcome to come down to the training camp now and again.