Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Cold Clear Day

I just finished a book of the same title "A Cold Clear Day" which is the story of Buddy Edelen's marathon career. It's definitely a book every marathoner should have and has a ton of detail on the training he put himself through to become a top runner.

The picture is from Sunday's long run and you can just feel the bitter air (notice the flag is full out). Today's run was much milder at -4C but the wind again made it colder at feel like -10C. I was stopped 'cold' and had to scurry back indoors for an extra layer before starting off on my 12 mile jaunt. What a difference a day can make. For no reason in particular I felt much better running smooth and strong with pace averaging out at 8:15 for the out and back run. Sped up a bit on the return leg with the wind behind me but just ran at my feels like easy pace.

The rest of the week will be spent in PEI and it may get a little hard to fit the runs in with the busy meeting schedule that is planned. Hopefully I can get outdoors and not be left with the hotel treadmill. Wish me luck!


Grellan said...

Good luck!

Garry said...

That picture makes me cold just looking at it!
Have a safe trip to PEI.

gumushel said...

If you get a second, check out today's bike ride

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Good luck fending off the hotel treadmill.

Will you have an opportunity to drive the marathon course?

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...
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