Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Enough already!

Another 11 inches (38 cm) overnight. I'm starting to get a little tired of this. In fact we're starting to run out of places to put it. Woke up this morning to another mess and it took Jo and I about 2 hours to clear the driveway. That's about the 5th storm in the last 10 days but it's hard to keep track when it seems to snow all the time.
Running today was also a little on the tough side with totally snow covered streets, a strong NE wind and dropping mercury. The plan called for 13 miles but was only able to manage 11. Average pace of 9:13 with a fastest mile of 8:40 (including photo opportunities) due to the awful roads and the sore legs from Tuesday's workout. I didn't feel much like doing this today and spent the 1st 1/2 of the run debating myself whether to cut the run short into an easy day or to keep going. Finally took the middle ground and switched with Friday for a shorter run of 11 instead of 13. In the end, it wasn't very pretty as I dragged my sorry butt around town attempting to stay out of the wind (didn't work) and searching for bare pave (none).

Plan for the morning is an easy 5 miles which will likely be on the treadmill for a change. They're talking -30C (wind chill) and this runner is going to wimp out. Andrew, I don't know how you do it! Have a nice day!


Andrew said...

I run so early in the morning I don't know what I'm doing!

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Once your face goes numb nothing else really matters.

Garry said...

I worry about other parts going numb before my face.
That snow is crazy! Reminds me of my days in Ontario. Good luck finding some running spots.

Dubs said...

You need to come out here and visit me in North Texas. We might get a bit of snow this morning. The past few days have been really cold... BUT, the lows this weekend will be 10* higher than the high yesterday & today. We get annoying and cold, then a warm break of 70's, then back to cold, then warm. It is insane, but I can only deal w/cold temps in doses, so this works. haha! I don't know how you do it!