Friday, January 11, 2008

Gettin' er done

This was taken a few days ago but it wasn't anything like this today. We had snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice pellets and then rain with some thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure. At least the thunder and lightning happened this evening after I was home safe and sound.

It was tough getting going today as work meetings dragged on and on but when I finally got on the roads it was just a head down, one foot in front of the other type of run. It started out almost dry with the temperature just above freezing and a light drizzle as I just padded along without a route yet fixed in my head. After some indecision about safety I decided that an out and back option was the best plan because the further I went the more likely I was going to meet my goal and just get 'er done.

Surprisingly the legs and body felt very good for most of the run after the struggle I had on the previous day. With no pressure to hurry or worry about when I'd get back I just went at a relaxed easy pace which at times seemed almost effortless (a rare feeling). Meanwhile the ice pellets and freezing rain started as I made my turnaround at exactly 7 miles in about 58 minutes. The return trip was more work but still doable as the white stuff was starting to accumulate and the wind and rain was now more in my face. Finished with 14 miles in 1:57 for avg pace of 8:18 and hr of 136 from a watch that had remained out of sight for the entire journey.

It was very nice to stop and gave me a nice 'pleasantly' tired feeling for the rest of the day and now into the evening. That glass of red wine with cheese and crackers was very fine indeed after a much better run had been logged away.

Have a nice weekend!


Jamie Anderson said...

That "pleasantly tired" feeling is great indeed. Nice job getting out there despite the weather.

If you don't stay up for the game tomorrow night, I hope Andrew doesn't ruin it for you again. :-)

Love2Run said...

Andrew, are you reading this??? Remember, quiet time in the corner in kindergarten? Or no chocolate balls for you!

runneroftrails said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the idea of the wine, cheese, and crackers! I just finished up a 20km run and was wondering what I could nibble on while I checked out blogland.
I've been enjoying your posts.

SW Ontario

Andrew said...

Looks like I'm getting reputation!

(Pats ahead 3rd quarter)