Thursday, January 10, 2008

Plugging away

Nothing too much happening lately as our spell of good weather continues. Running has seemed a bit like work and work has been ... work. It's tough to be back after the nice long holiday. On Weds I ran an easy 6 miles in sunshine and shorts once again. I then played some volleyball last night which might have explained the general tired feeling in the legs today. As a result, I only managed 11 miles instead of the planned 14 even though the pace and heartrate was good (8:14 133).

Whew! Hard to get the words out too! Hope that the rest of the week goes better, although there are a couple of winter storms now headed in this direction. Good luck and stay safe on the roads!


Andrew said...

Aarrrgh! That volleyball. I hope you stopped the game and took some photos mid-serve.

Are you stretching sir?

Jamie Anderson said...

Volleyball is fun. And the ball makes a good friend if you're on a deserted island. Hope running comes easier soon.. you got to rock a little race down in bean town to contend with soon.

Go Patriots!

Dubs said...

Hope you are able to get back in the swing of things. I didn't take off for the holidays, but noticed that my workload was so light that I was able to ignore most of it and do other things.. whoops - seems that i got into that rhythem. I need to snap out of it before someone notices!! Good thing I am off next week, hopefully I'll get over it! :)

Grellan said...

Pace and HR for those 11 iles are very good. Getting back into work mode after the holidays is a struggle for us all.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Maybe you and Andrew should convalesce over a pint of Guinness Stout and then get back to business as usual (or unusual in Andrew's case).

Speaking of Andrew, don't feel bad, he doesn't speak well of soccer either.

Snow and freezing rain here this morning.

Garry said...

That is not a shabby run so I would not be too worried about it. Hope you don't get blasted with another bunch of snow as the conditions right now look great.