Thursday, January 01, 2009

1st run of 2009

2009 started off on the right foot. After successfully retrieving my eldest son from the airport before the latest storm rolled through we then gathered at my brothers. A few beers, fireball shooters and a shot of Power's later we were all in the proper mood for ringing in the New Year.

We didn't feel so hot this morning but after driving back home I still managed to get a short run in despite the frigid temperatures (-13C/-23C windchill). If you don't believe me here is my video account of the cold adventure. (Note that this is on the RuncastTV website but you need a free account to view it). I'm doing this as part of the 1000 mile running challenge which is also featured on this site. The idea is for participants to post blogs, pics, video's etc and for the group as a whole to run 1000 miles by the 5th of January.

So approximately 4 miles in 34:00 is now in the books.

Here's hoping that the days are warmer soon. Happy New Year all!


Grellan said...

Happy new Year Mike. Running in -13C is enough without having to record it as well. Give me balmy Zeros any day. Graphs are top class as always.

Mark Bell said...

I didn't see any other sole's out there running in your video as it must have been too cold!

Thomas said...

Happy new Year. I get frozen just by thinking about your temperatures.

gumushel said...

In 2009 you ran 2,500 miles? yeesh!
Congrats Mike! I was all pumped about my 1,444.58 Miles (but who is counting?)
I'm looking at that pushup thing.. I dunno!
She was a cold one today :) See you out on the trail! Happy New Year Mike!