Friday, January 16, 2009

More of the same

The winter can be very pretty when the sun shines but too bad it's so cold that you can't enjoy it. This was the scene at my work place yesterday with the heavy sea-fog or sea-smoke coating all the trees in a fine white layer of ice. It melted away once the sun peaked in the late afternoon but not before my lunchtime run (when I took the picture).
I timed this run with the rising temperatures but not quite at the peak of -15C for the day. With appropriate layering (see Andrew's video) you can be comfortable in these conditions. My multitude of layers had me toasty warm and I didn't even need the balaclava which was stashed in a pocket in case the wind came up. The only problem you can have despite being well dressed is the danger of frostbite to exposed skin but a good scarf, neck protector and a layer of vaseline usually do the trick at the worst of times. So 6 easy miles went by without much problem.
This morning conditions were much the same, very cold early on and 'warming' up somewhat by about 11:30am when I finally got out the door. It was another nice easy 5-6 mile run as I continue to pamper the leg which is now showing signs of improvement at last. I took a few more pictures and was almost trampled by a herd of deer who seem to think they own the town! Total of 6 runs and 44 miles for the week.

Pushups: still working away at week 6, level 3 but my pushups pale in comparison to this fitness instructor.

Coach Tara is very impressive!! Maybe when I do the 100 I'll graduate to these!

Take care and have a great weekend!


bricey said...

'frostbite'!!! wow... now that's a term i've not heard used in connection with running before - btw.. my wife suggests that you should invest in a treadmill. I think she thinks all runners are a bit insane!! enjoy!!

Love2Run said...

Ha! I do have a treadmill but only use it in dire emergencies. Extreme cold only rarely forces me to use it. Dangerous road conditions where I'm likely to get run over is the usual culprit.

Ewen said...

So if you wear a suitcase full of clothes there's no suffering (apart from frostbite)! No need for layering in 37C temps - a pair of shorts and barefoot on grass :)

Yes, take a lead from Coach Tara. I want one-arm handstand pushups.

Unknown said...

I'm glad we don't have to deal with the cold temperatures. I don't mind things on the cool side, but not quite that cool. might take me another year or so to be like Coach Tara.

Unknown said...

Wow, I didn't know there were that many ways to do a pushup. Nice job getting your runs in.

Grellan said...

Impressive conditions. Getting into and out of all the layers, vaseline etc. is a workout in itself.

I found it exhausting looking at Coach Tara. Time to lie down i think. Goodnight.