Thursday, October 13, 2005

Speedwork and taper

Yesterday was 5x1k by time and effort out on the highway. Perfect coolish fall day, sunny, light wind. Ran hard at about 10k effort for 4:10 per interval, then walked jogged till HR below 130 and start next int at 6:00 spacing (so about 1:50 rests). Holding back a bit, don't want to pull anything now but felt great throughout. Later went to volleyball for 2hr that evening, tried to take it easy & no jumping (much).

Today, was my 1st day off midweek in months & felt like I was playing hookie (how old is that?) but feeling keen for tommorows short tempo run. Cool to be looking forward to a training run. Now need to think about and decide how I'm going to run/race the marathon...