Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fear of the unknown

Fear is just one of the emotions that we go through when faced with uncertainty and the unknown. Mostly it comes with new experiences and challenges but sometimes the old run of the mill activities can get you too. Like (you guessed it) running and training... Same training program as for the last marathon cycle but the challenge to keep up with the schedule and to keep up the enthusiasm (like Marc) are making me wonder if I can hang on like Thomas is doing so well. And then there is Andrew and his fear factor has infected my blog... and running to a certain extent (not your fault A, the seed was already there to begin with).

Sunday - easy long run of 16 miles to end my nice recovery week and vacation. It was a nice gentle run in 2:12 or 8:15 pace. No fear at all; up early and out the door by 7:30am on a coolish foggy calm day with none of the ridiculous heat that Fast Mike or Amazing Jeff have to deal with every day. Still drank lots of water and gatorade and arrived back home with a zero weight difference which is highly unusual on a long run.

Monday - rest day, again no fear, I can handle these with ease. Biked to and from work and started on some achilles stretches and strengthening as it's been bothering me lately.

Tues - oh, oh! Feeling worried/fearful from the time I woke up today about my 11 mile run with 5 miles at 1/2 marathon pace. Just not looking forward to the effort and concerned whether I'll be able to hold the pace, especially with the weather going to be hot and sunny and the run in the heat of the day. Started out easy and after a 1.5 mile warmup the pace went downhill from there. 1st mile in 6:55, then a 7:09 followed by progressively slower splits ending up around 7:20. Did I mention it was hot? and hilly? This was followed by some walking and a stop at a local take-out to refill my water and hose my head and back down with a convenient garden hose at the side of the building. That was nice! And then only 3 miles more to finish it up. Whew, glad that is over with!

Weds - double trouble today with an early morning 4 miler and no fear except the worry that if I'm out the door too quick then it may mean a very uncomfortable run looking for a bathroom and a dash for the bushes! The 2nd 6 mi run came later in the evening and came out at a relaxed but quicker than usual pace of 8:00/mi.

Thurs - a definite fear factor day, the dreaded mid-week longer run. Sometimes I should just stay in bed and then it would go away but this OCD runner has no choice but to do as I say and plan, right Olga? From the get go, I was still trying to talk myself into something easier, shorter, less stressful but no; once under way it just flowed along. Did a very hilly 15 miler in 2:02 but felt very comfortable and easy for the most part. Only started to feel the effort and slow over the last 3-4 miles but then turned around and did the last mile in 7:36 just to prove there was something in the tank. However, this foolhardy display left me tired and depleted for the rest of the day. Thank God for ice-cream and bagels!

Run on!


Olga said...

Drnk a beer for an OCD:)
You are doing great workouts, really! You think I don't dread when I wake up? Every single day! But once I get going, I am glad I did. Though right now I am in a mental rest stay, just keeping it simple and no goals. I need a break...

Legs and Wings said...

Fear is always nipping at my heels too. I think you did well to get through it all. The heat gets to me Mike. I end up going very early in the am to beat it. Have a good weekend.

Unknown said...

I am willing to bet that you will hang on and get the majority of the workouts completed close to schedule. Good luck on sticking with it all.

Anonymous said...