Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hump week, downhill from here...

Now registered for the Wineglass marathon ...

Mailed in my entry form for the Calais 5 mile International Roadrace

Considering this marathon as a training run the day after, maybe...

It's week 9 of 18, and Weds was humpday and so it's all downhill from there, right? How come all my runs feel like they're uphill? Even getting a few words out on this dumb blog are painful lately.

Back again for another try, now Thursday and looking forward to the weekend and another week of holidays! Maybe just a quick recap of this weeks runs are in order.

Sunday - 22 miles in 3:04 in crazy weather conditions. Started out cool and foggy, then light rain, then steady rain, then torrential downpour for about 15 minutes, followed by clearing and sun about 1/2 hr later and then more fog at the end. No worries about overheating today at least and even cooled off in the pond for good measure.

Monday - day off, feeling fine, no bad effects from the long run, rest up, eat cake and ice cream and celebrate my birthday with Andrew & Jo. Nice cards and calls from family made it a nice day.

Tues - double day with 7am 6 miler in cool fog and noon time 4 miles with A.C. in scorching heat. Took me awhile to cool off while trying to attend a meeting after that (drip, drip)

Weds - another double with 5.5 miles at 7am again and then 4.5 at lunchtime. This 2nd run was supposed to be 15 but couldn't do it at work and no desire to run long after work.

Thurs (today) - yet another double with an easy 4 miles at 7am with cool temp of about 15C (60F) which was followed after work by the 15 miler I shoulda done yesterday. It was much warmer here at 430pm near 25C (80F) but there was lots of shade and a nice sea breeze. The run went better than expected and even managed a few strides in the middle. Stopped for extra water at the Town Square and then some gatorade at home before finishing off the run in 2:04. Cooled off again in the pond and was glad to have that behind me!

A word or two about the lack of motivation lately. I'm still getting the runs in but it's been harder to get out the door, especially for the long runs. It's partly the tough training plan but it's also a lack of time so the runs can be scheduled without interfering with family & work matters. Work has also been hectic and I haven't had my full holidays to recharge, so I'm looking forward to next week with a chance to put my feet up.


Steph said...

Good to hear you'll get a week off. It'll let you recharge and be well rested to move all my stuff :P Hehe.

Unknown said...

Those doubles are brutal. I think it's easier to run an ultra and get all the mileage together.

That training marathon sounds like a good idea. It's my favorite way to run a marathon.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Oh I can so relate to that last paragraph.

Heh, guess what I was doing earlier? I was looking at the real estate market for NB. Probably won't move out there but I was surprized at what one could get for half of what my house will sell for now. Its always so tempting to sell high and run away to somewhere where one could be debt free and carefree. However, hubby is not keen on rural living or the East Coast *sigh*.

Mr.Cornelia said...

It's good to hear that you got to rest on your birthday! Hope you had lots of time to indulge in cake and ice cream :)

Anonymous said...