Saturday, August 12, 2006

Calais International 5 mile road race report

Just time for a few words around the pictures from today's run/race in Calais. The route runs from Calais, Maine across the St. Croix River to St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, up the river and back into Milltown to Calais. You can pick out the 3 amigos to the right of the weirdo in the Canada shorts. The weather was perfect and sunny at 15C (50F) with a light easterly breeze.
Marc remarked that this was one of the few times he's been ahead of Andrew in a race. Our moment of glory was very short lived as he floated away from us to our yells of 'Hey, that's not fair, you're making it look too easy!'

Andrew at the finish and still floating. Does his feet ever touch the ground?
Marc had a good race and a very strong hill and 2nd 1/2.
I acted as the sweeper today to make sure nobody got lost!
The post-race debriefing is always fun!
And of course there was 'gimcrack' for all to be had. Andrew 1st (30-39), Marc 2nd (40-49) and Mike 3rd (50-59)
Here are the gory details from the Garmin. You can see that it was hilly and my heartrate was pretty steady around my tempo rate of about 150.
All the photos are on my Webshots site

That's all for now, might fillin some more details later but gotta take off for Saint John now where I'll stay over with my sister. Much better to wake up only 10 minutes from the start instead of 1hr plus. The full marathon (run not race) report will be up tommorow night I hope.



Arcane said...

congrats on the race! Those hills dook tough.

Dubs said...

Neat pictures - congratulations on the race! Looks like quite a run.

Mr.Cornelia said...

Sounds like it was fun :) Good luck with the marathon!

D said...

You guys are fast. Nice photos. Good luck w/your marathon.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

What no butt shot *sigh*?! Great photos anyhow.

Anonymous said...