Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Birthday

Just a quickie post to wish A a happy 17th birthday!

A huge surprise package arrived today which had very little weight...
What is it? It must be for the birthday boy!
It's a cool remote control plane from big brother ;-)

Smoke but no mirrors. A delicious cake, especially with ice-cream!!

ORN - 8.5 miles at lunch with 3 miles at so called 5k pace (as fast as my legs can go). Managed a 6:50 (into the wind), 6:23 (with the wind, downhill & flat), and 6:35 (down and up). Running fast and as hard as I could but not getting tired and HR stayed low (<150) go figure!

Taper on...


Andrew said...

nice paces. Good intensity. Next week we'll cut back and take 'er easy. I'm planning running every other day or so. Not much.

Phil said...

A 6:23 mile with a HR below 150? Are you sure that you're my age? I'd be spurting blood out my ears if I tried that.

I'm also very envious that you have the chance to run over lunch. It still way too hot here to try that. Keep up the great taper

Thomas said...

Don't overindulge on the icecream before the marathon.

Anonymous said...