Sunday, January 14, 2007

The long and winding road

First a quick peek at the custom oak mantle for our new gas fireplace. It is a beautiful piece of furniture that will soon be warming up our cold fingers and toes during the chilly winter evenings yet to come this winter. Of course the gas insert is yet to come, but soon.
On the running front, it was yet another long slow 20 miler; alone again with my trusty new Ipod. Winter has arrived and with temps around -8C (15F) I was in no hurry to get going this morning. When it's cold there is always time for an extra coffee, another blog to read, lay out the gear, charge up the tunes, check the weather again, etc. But once you get going with the enough layers, after a few minutes it was positively balmy ( right you are Zeke, we are getting soft with the mild winter thus far!).

Started the run with a 5 mile slow loop around town and was shocked awake around the 4 mile point while listening to Phedippidations to hear my blog being highlighted on his latest podcast. Cool, thanks Steve! Listen in next week for the story of George Sheehan (part 1). It woke me up a bit but didn't help my pace or energy level much as I made a quick stop for drinks and then continued out of town for another dozen miles. The hardest part of the run was arriving back home with 18 miles under my belt for another drink refill and still 2 miles to go. Somehow I managed to grab my bottle and turn back down the driveway to finish off the run. Average pace was 8:20 but felt more like 9:20's.

This makes it 10x20 but it's not getting much easier. Next week it will be back with the Boyden Lake gang and Jonathan is promising to come out with us. As long as he doesn't push the pace any more than Andrew it should prove to be a fun run. I've gotten very spoiled in the past year or so doing these long runs in a group setting. Previous to meeting Andrew I did 99.9% of my running and training alone, year in and year out as Boston or the next marathon approached. It really is so much easier when you share the pain!

Good running out there!


DawnB said...

I love it its beautiful. I'm sure you and your family will enjoy many times over.

You're right about running alone. I do all my runs alone. I have said over and over that I need someone to run with once or twice a week. I really believe that would with pace thing I'm going through. Next week my long run is 18 miles I'm doing the 15k Boston Build up. I will do the course twice. I am going to try and get someone to do it again with me the 2nd time out.

Unknown said...

I have been spoiled with having people to run with all the time and I find it makes it a lot more difficult for me to get out the door on my own. Maybe it's a lack of self discipline.

That's quite a streak of 20 mile long runs you have going. We were almost as cold this morning at about 18 degrees farenheit.

Thomas said...

That gives me hope. Maybe I'll find a running buddy as well, some stage down the line.

10x20 miles is a very impressive running streak. Congratulations.

Jamie Anderson said...

Jeez, 10X20 is amazing. Nice going! Enjoy that fireplace.

Andrew said...

10x20? What has come over you? ha ha! Great job. It will make a world of difference come April.

I am really looking forward to a good 20 miler next weekend. My need for rest was greater than I imagined. My mind wanted back in the game long before the legs. But this week will tell the tale.

Your 44 miles last week dwarfs mine by the way.

Phil said...

You just keep banging out the 20 milers, great job and congrats on the call out on Phedippidations. I'll have to listen to it this morning

You've got a beautiful fireplace mantel. I'll be sure not to show it to my wife :)

D said...

That is certainly a sharp mantle!

Running with others certainly makes the miles go by quicker.

Olga said...


I run alone always, besides some weekend lomg runs once the weather warms up and we all hit the same schedule. I like it, though I wish to have a faster partner (yet understanding of my slow poke) who could pull me along on many problem with discipline getting out, just can't crank a pace if don't feel like it.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Love the fireplace. We have two gas ones in our place and they are awesome. My dog just loves to lie right in front when its on.

I couldn't agree more running with my new group is simply the best.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

10x20! You are a machine.

So, I hear you may be coming to Farmington with Andrew? Hope you can make it. Just a hint - feign sleep on the drive down.

D said...

Thanks for the article link. I'm going to try those exercises and stretches.