Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weekly roundup

The strange winter weather continues here in the Maritimes. It was +9C (48F) this morning with a southerly breeze and light rain and fog so I was a little unsure as to what to wear. Ended up with long sleeves, light jacket and pants which was a bit much as I had to carry the jacket after a few miles. The plan for today was 1hr with a set of 10 x 1 minute efforts (5K'ish) with 1 minute breaks and so I eased out for the 1st 4 miles along the highway before turning back for home. This workout is alot harder than it appears on paper and my jog breaks soon turned into walk breaks so as to get the HR down a bit before it was time for the next effort. As per usual the last one felt better than the 1st but maybe it was the downhill with the homestretch in site. I was then home early for a Saturday morning and had time to prepare a wall for a new gas fireplace that's in the works. Hmm, perhaps we should consider an air conditioner instead?

Oh, and then there was Friday which seems to be the day for blown out runs for me lately. The plan was for a medium long 2hr run with 14-15 miles but it just didn't happen. No excuses but mainly due to work and a lack of time all that I could manage was 8 miles. There was also a bit of payback from the nice run that was Thursday's tempo run in shorts. It was a pretty tired and slow shuffle of a run, such as it was.

Finished off the week with a total of only 65, down from last week due to the medium long run getting cut short. Coming up on Sunday is another long one with Andrew over in Perry, Maine but unfortunately Marc has had to bow out. In fact the last I heard the poor guy was still flat on his back (or maybe still on his hands and knees) with the flu. Get well soon guy!

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Olga said...

"Only" 65 miles sounds neat. I'll take it!