Sunday, February 25, 2007

It doesn't get any easier

I don't know where to start, 20 milers in 15 of the last 16 weeks but "It just doesn't get any easier!" Just ask Andrew who bonked and collapsed in a heap in his car after surviving today's run; I wasn't too far behind.

Today's run started cold and windy (-5C and NW 30-40km/hr) so we decided to head north, doing our regular Boyden Lake loop in reverse, in order to avoid some of the windy open spaces along the route. It proved to be a good idea as our pace in the 1st 10 miles was a bit quicker (around 7:40) with the wind mostly at our back and the hills down. However, this later became our undoing as the 2nd 1/2 of the run seemed to be mostly into the (stupid) wind and uphill. Whether it was the quicker 1st 1/2 pace, a lack of pre-run carbs or just us being wimpy, we'll never know. Things did get very quiet 2nd 1/2, which is very unusual with A and the pace slowed too, which was a welcome relief for my weary legs. Maybe next time we'll borrow a snowmobile. Tough run but we got it done (mostly).

Thus ended another week of training with only 7 weeks to go now.

A few other highlights during the past week. Total of 62 miles in 6 runs, 3 on the treadmill due to winter blues and the nasty weather. Time for spring is coming soon, happier running ahead!


Thomas said...

That's exactly the same thought I had a few days ago. Isn't this supposed to get easier???

Andrew said...

The final 7 miles were very tough. Those hills are murder.

Jamie Anderson said...

Good run! Planning on getting a PR at Boston? You're training has seemed to be pretty rock solid these past several months.

Love2Run said...

I always thought it was supposed to get easier but then we foul it all up by running faster.

Boston goals are to have a good race and to go for a good time if the weather co-operates. PR'ing at Boston is a tall order.

Phil said...

Another fantastic week. Spring is just around the corner.

DawnB said...

You guys are still amazing me!!!