Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ottawa bound

Believe it or not I did survive the weekend and am still able to kick the can down the road. Now on the road again with a trip to Ottawa for work aka union business so I'll get a chance to visit my oldest son. Another bonus is that it is the Winterlude festival and the Rideau canal is open for skating. It lays claim to being the world's longest skateway and my skates are sharpened and ready to go.

Very short post this week with things sort of working on the running front. My legs are still sore today (Thurs) from Sunday's brutal downhills.

Monday - day off and very tired and sore just walking around

Tues - easy 8 mile loop in the cold and wind. The legs were extremely stiff, especially on the downhills

Weds - 11 mile run with 4miles at marathon pace (avg pace about 7:20) Again the legs were sore but was able to get the pace up for the MP portion of the run. I also underdressed and paid the price by being chilled after the run. At least I was able to curl up around the fire.

Thurs - easy 8 miles again but it was a very tired and slow run.

Now visiting with my sister and will be flying off early in the morning. Hope to get a quick run in when I land in Ottawa before the meetings later in the afternoon. Wish me luck at staying upright on the canal!


Michael said...

Enjoy Ottawa!

Ally & I are envious; when we were out there a few weeks ago, the bloody canal looked more like a swimming pool. We were really looking forward to a skate and had to settle for a tour around the Parliament Buildings… maybe next year.

Enjoy the running (assuming it isn’t too cold).

Jamie Anderson said...

I hear Ottawa is nice. Have a fun trip.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Have a good trip and enjoy time with your son.

Skating on the canal reminds me of Hans Brinker. Here's to hoping you stay upright.

Andrew said...

Don't forget Bon Cop, Bad Cop.