Thursday, April 05, 2007

Would you believe?

Taken today, April 5, 2006 2007 with 10 days to go.
Yes, it snowed, again. It is Canada and it's only April, I guess...
About 6-8 inches of heavy wet snow, perfect for making snow sculptures and such but I wasn't feeling too inclined after shoveling the driveway, again!

Very little to report on the running scene as it's week 2 of the taper plan with short little runs that seem more like an afterthought than anything serious. I had planned a couple of repeat miles today but this has been rescheduled until the roads clear up a bit.

Monday - rest day, feeling fine

Tues - 5 miles at 6:30am on the treadmill before heading up north to visit my Mom (all's well)

Weds- 7 miles after work on what was 'supposed' to be an easy run. However, it was a blow off some steam type run due to various work frustrations with the 1st 5 miles at close to marathon pace but feeling relaxed and easy with the heartrate low. Finished up with a few fun strides that made the legs feel fast.

Thurs - today with just another 5 miles easy on the treadmill as the roads and traffic were too dangerous to be out and about

Here's hoping this all melts quickly so I can get back on the roads again. Good running and Happy Easter!


Bob - said...


not only does it snow but it is also 2006' only?( see the date-oops) You guys are behind our time in USA it is 2007' here--lol

Had to bust your chops on the date -- well ya know that was too easy not to say anything :-)

Happy 2007' Easter !!

Love2Run said...

Thanks Bob, I'll get right on it! Sheesh... it must be the cold weather slowing us down.

Michael said...

You won't want to hear this, but today, here, we are experiencing a record breaking high (for Victoria), 20C. The killer though, is that two days from now we're supposed to have a high of 6C? You have to love this Canadian weather (sorry to read about the snow).

Hope the recovery is going well... all the best on race day!

DawnB said...

Wow would you believe I was complaining about detecting snow flurries on friday morning!!!

D said...

I don't know if there is any better way to blow off steam than to go running! Keep your snow to yourself Mike - we're close in temps and we certainly don't want the white stuff in April!

Beanie said...

every April, no matter where I've lived, it's snowed. And every April, somebody says "It's snowing, but it's APRIL!" and I say "IT ALWAYS SNOWS IN APRIL."

lovely pics!

Mark Bell said...

much less snow down here around Boston, actually it melted already with a few flurries

the forecast leading up is looking to be on the cool side

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Still snowing over here and I've about had it between the snow and my cold...grrrr.

Oh well I really should quit complaining and just go

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Heh, I almost forgot...Good luck on Monday. Not that you need any luck but heh have a great race and don't forget to have fun.

Unknown said...

The snow looks beautiful, but yes, it's April? Happy Easter.