Sunday, May 06, 2007

A ticking time bomb?

What's that ticking noise, Andrew?

Hmmm, the birds are singing too loudly, I don't hear anything.

I think it's coming from my knee!

Oh yeah, I can hear it now, just like my old car!


15.1 miles in 1:59 ,avg hr 142
1- 8:48 easy start
2- 7:50
3- 7:56
4- 7:50 - watch out for those Rotweillers!
5- 8:28 - stop for A's water
6- 7:55
7- 8:05 - there's a good hill in South Meadow
8- 7:44 - rolling down the other side, engine ticking starts (no pain)
9- 7:36 - nice downhills
10- 7:38 - ticking now less noticeable
11- 7:47 - good uphill in the middle
12- 7:35 - home stretch with warm sun in our face
13- 7:43 - another uphill I guess
14- 7:37 - cruise past the cars after a short argument discussion
15- 7:32 - return back up the hill to end

Fantastic spring morning. Cool 2C at start but sunshine and warming up nicely. Another great run at Boyden Lake.


Thomas said...

Watch that knee. You don't want the bomb to go off.

DawnB said...

Great work out Mike!!! how could you do such splits with noise coming from your Knees!!!outstanding!!!

Olga said...

What a neat run, and great pictures of diving costume:)

Phil said...

I dream of runs like that .. nice to read about someone actually doing it. Great run. inspirational.

Quinto Sol said...

Nice run... any pain in the knee?

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I too dream of runs like that. Sometimes I dream of them when I'm lumbering along at my slow

You sure that noise wasn't coming from

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Maybe I'll join you guys this Sunday as an impartial third party.

Bob - said...

LOLOL love the deep sea diving pics below :-) hmmm i am thinking the depth of the dive might have had an effect on your knee? U think? maybe just go halfway down and not the full 3 feet-lol

Great work out Mike u fast mofo!!