Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mom's Day

We had a beautiful spring day here in the Maritimes today and I think that all the Moms that I know of were having a great day. One little tiny problem in our neck of the woods though, is a rascally rabbit that keeps invading Jo's garden and causing trouble. It seems to only chew on the evergreens so far and that might prevent the traps from coming out.In the non-running department, Steph is now the happy caretaker of a cute little black car which was safely delivered to her for safe keeping on the weekend. The countdown now begins for her all important interview for vet school next week. I know that this time she'll make it, she's worked so hard and is so determined,
On the running front, I've figured out my ticking time bomb noise which Andrew and I both thought was coming from my knee (but there was no pain). Silly me, but it turns out the problem was a simple clothing malfunction. Exhibit A:
See that shiny metal tag and strap, my Road Id in case I get run over by a bus? Well it was loose and flapping around just enough to make the little tics that caused us so much anguish. Duhhh! On the work front my insane work schedule has finally peaked, the major meetings are done and it's just some cleanup and report writing left to do. Which means that I can finally get back to some normal running and thinking about plans for the summer and fall.

Pitiful running report for the week:
Sunday - nice 15 miler with A but thrown off by a tic
Monday - off
Tues - 5 mile blow off steam run after meetings (7:32 pace)
Weds - easy 5 after final meetings (7:55 pace)
Thurs - day off but ran out of time to run and also feeling very tired
Friday - quick 5 miles before heading off to Truro (7:47 pace)
Sat - another quick 5 after return home (7:40 pace)

Weekly total of only 35 miles but somehow my average pace is dropping without any attempt to speed up, rather the reverse has been true where I've been trying to hold back and take it easy if anything. Maybe it's just that most of the runs have been a bit rushed all week.

Same thing happened this morning. Up early but not early enough and only had time for a quick 10 miles before church. Result was a 77:30 (7:45 pace).

Time for a plan. Have a great week!


Andrew said...

Glad to hear you had a good day.

Steph said...

Nice car... I've only stalled it twice today ;) Hehe.

Phil said...

I about fell off my chair reading your explanation of the mysterious ticking sound. Life is getting too complicated when you star hearing sounds from your shoes.

Best of luck to Steph on her Vet School interview. That's got to be a lot of pressure.

Bruce said...

Glad the mystery has been solved!

Thomas said...

I'm glad it's not your knee that is about to blow up.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Best of luck to Steph with the interview.

Yes, it is time for a plan, MDI is in the not too distant future!

Is that Andrew standing next to the rabbit?

Enjoy running in this fine weather!

DawnB said...

Mike I'm glad this was serious but you did keep suspense for a whole week!!!

sorry about the rabbits!! and good luck to your daughter!!!

Michael Jay Dotson said...

Those look like my shoes! I've got a RoadID tag attached to my Mizuno 9's also.

Jamie Anderson said...

Glad the ticking was something benign. Does this mean we're back down to yellow alert?

Love2Run said...

Yes Jamie, all systems are go with a green light now. Marc, that's a low blow but he does have a crazed look, doesn't he? Good arm carriage too ;-)