Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last of the chocolate balls

Another Sunday morning run, another 20 miles, more chocolate balls but that's it for the season (choc. balls that is).

It was really tough to get up this morning when the alarm went off at 6am. I almost rolled over and went back to sleep but 2 minutes later I was up and about and 90 minutes later we were ready to roll at the start line in Boyden Lake. It was a perfect day weather wise at -2C (27F), sunny with light winds and a dry (non-slip) road surface. We cruised along very easily today with multiple stops for water, photos, nature breaks (mostly 'old' Jon) and the conversation flowed freely except for anything to do with a certain football game (thanks A!).

The only quiet mile of the entire run was the last mile which was covered in 8:02 as the Christmas treats called us in by name. Avg pace of 836 and hr 133 for my 2nd 20 miler of 2008. Great run guys and boy, what a fun game to watch off the tape! Go Patriots!

This week I'm off to Montreal for a work trip and my schedule is going to be weird with the travel and all. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in the workouts around the meetings and find some blogworthy photos to share with you. Have a great week!


Andrew said...

Great run Mike! We'll miss you at training camp!

Jamie Anderson said...

Great run, and a great game. I'm smelling a Patriots/Packers Superbowl.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Good job getting out the door for 20 when the warm, comfortable bed was calling for you to stay.

Enjoy Montreal!

Grellan said...

Getting up that early at the weekend should be banned. With no chocolate balls next week what's the incentive.

gumushel said...

Hey Mike! I was just in Montreal! Run up to the top of Mount Royal.. go up Peel Street.. there's a park.. and up inside the park there is this amazing staircase that takes you up above the city for a spectacular view of sunrise!