Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Looking ahead

Bit of a weird upside down shot of 'the cat' but it seemed appropriate as I'm going over my plan for the next few weeks.

I've just completed the 1st 6 weeks of Pfitzinger's 18 week (up to 70 miles/week) plan. The 1st phase was labeled 'Endurance' while the next 5 weeks are called 'Lactate Threshold and Endurance' which has got me worried. The 2 key workouts this week are a 21 mile long run and an LT run of 10 miles with 5 miles at 1/2 marathon pace (oh goodie!). Now what the heck is my 1/2 marathon pace, assuming the road conditions are suitable for trying to run faster? A quick lookup using an online predictor tells me I need to be doing about 7:00 pace if I'm gunning for a 3:15 at Boston. That seems a little fast based on what I've been doing lately with lots of slow running. Stay tuned...

The past few days have been fairly easy with a short long run of 15 miles on Sunday after a 4.5 hr drive back from PEI. The schedule called for 14 and I know Andrew would have pushed for 20 if he wasn't laid up and so I just went for 2 hours which was plenty after the travel. Conditions were good with milder temperatures of around -5C which seems balmy after the -ve double digits we've had lately. The run went well and my legs and hammies felt OK for most of the run only getting a little tight near the end.

Monday - rest day for the big week ahead

Tues - work interfered with my run today and was only able to fit in 7 miles during the lunch hour. It was a perfect calm day with 0C (32F) and almost dry roads with only bits of slush and snow. Cruised along a bit faster than I should have near 8:00 pace as I should be saving it for later on this week.

That's it for now. All up to date and almost raring to go! Have fun out there!


Grellan said...

Good luck with the up-tempo running. Should introduce some "fun" into the routine.

5 miles seems long for the 1st tempo distance. Daniels in his "running formula" reduces the pace for tempo runs that last longer than 20 minutes.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Almost raring to go? Now that doesn't sound like Commander Mike at all!

Looks like we are in for another bout of lousy weather :(