Sunday, February 17, 2008


Why can't we just live in the moment? It seems we (me in particular) are always looking ahead to the next turn in the road or obstacle in the path to whatever goals or plans we have in life. We will just finish one thing, say a big project or even a marathon or hard workout and rather than saying good work and enjoying your success (or criticizing the mistakes) we are more likely to say what's next?

The past week has been hectic, busy with work and into the heavy workload of week 9 of 18 in Pfitz's training schedule. It's been work, run, eat, sleep and more of the same with little time for anything else (like blogging). But it's now the weekend, the long hard run is done and I've got a bit of time to recap the week.

Monday - rest and relaxation after digging out from the storm. Our local schools were closed both today and Tues due to road conditions. No ill effects from the long run.

Tues - 15 mile medium long run in 2:05 (8:21 pace) It was a good run during the doing of it but afterwards I felt very tired and not the 'pleasantly tired' variety. This program can slowly accumulate stress on you. While no particular workout is overly hard, put together one after another they will wear you down if you aren't careful. I was feeling the effects that night and spent it mostly on the couch.

Weds - a welcome easy day of just 6 miles which was done on the treadmill while it poured rain outside. Ran at a nice easy pace between 8:30 and 8:00 in my warm dry basement.

Thurs - another easy day with an easy 4 miles in the morning on the mill before going to work and then an easy 6 mile loop around town at lunch. Felt OK for the first few miles on the 2nd run but struggled in at the end as I continue to wear down despite taking it slow.

Friday - 13 miles in 1:50 (8:28 pace) and was able to hook up with one of my co-workers who also goes by the name of Andrew. We cruised around town on this rather mild day (-2C and light winds) while chatting away a mile a minute about running and work. After 7 miles Andrew peeled off while I continued with another loop around town to make up my mileage needs. It was a good run but my hammies were complaining at the end. Similar to Tues, after this run I was absolutely wasted and even more non-pleasantly tired than before.
Sat - no sleeping in this weekend; up at 5:45 to get a short 4 mile treadmill run which completed a tough week with a total of 69 miles in the bank. It was a very slow run and it took 2 miles to just get the kinks out and feel even 1/2 way smooth. Then it was a 3 hour drive to Moncton for a Run New Brunswick race director's workshop. I was there to represent our local St. Andrews Father's Day race which will have it's 30th running this year.

On the way back we stopped by in Saint John to see my Mom who was staying with my sister before heading back home in northern NB. It also happened to be the perfect time for a birthday celebration for my nephew who turns 14 in a few days. The ice cream cake was very good too!
Sunday - did I mention that I'd been trying not to think about (anticipate) this workout?

Yea olde plan said "Marathon specific 15 mi w/12 mi @ marathon race pace".

'Oh, goodie! I can't wait to knock that one off'. Maybe I'll call in sick or perhaps "My dog is sick". Have you seen this Utube video? No Excuses! it's great with lots of good ideas for excuses!

After delaying as long as possible, waiting for the temperature to warm from -13C at 8am to almost -2C by noon it was off to my funeral. But it's never as bad as anticipated... easy 2 mile warm up, then BAM! 1st mile in 7:24, no problem, 6 seconds in the bank on 7:30 goal pace. Next mile 7:20, now 16 sec up, mile 3 in 7:29 and so it went. Watching each mile split, losing seconds on the big hills, then gaining then it back on the next flat or downhill as I focused on only one mile at a time. Final result was 12 miles at MP in 1:29:40 or 20 seconds under goal and average heartate of 146 which is also under goal or at least in the manageable range. The run was 2 big loops of the town mostly along our 5 mile road race course with some added distance on the Bar Road. Finished with an easy easy jog home and crashed out for the rest of the afternoon. Feeling more pleasantly tired tonite, rather than the 'other' dead tired variety.

I'm now looking forward to Chocolate Fudge Crackle ice cream and a 'recovery week' according to Pfitz (only 59 miles). Have a nice week all!


Dubs said...

WOW! Great week. Your medium long run is a very long run for me! haha! You are going to do AWESOME! :)

gumushel said...

ummm.. wow! great work mike!

Michael said...

Great run on Sunday, keep itup!

Michael Jay Dotson said...

That is a seriously impressive way to end the week. That’s got to give you a nice shot of confidence to hit MP for 12 miles on tired legs.

I can definitely relate to what you write about living in the moment. I too suffer from this affliction and often have to stop and remind myself to wake up and experience the here and now, rather than my plans for the future. The dichotomy of running is that while the activity wonderfully lends itself to a visceral here-and-now experience, the planning and goal setting of it draw our minds away from truly experiencing each run, each breath.

This is not a problem I have at the end of a 20 miler, however. At that point I literally am not thinking, only experiencing. And that is indeed, wonderful.

peter said...

You run a lot of miles! Nice 15 mile run, nice technique for a training run. Put one mile in the bank at a time. I liked your notion to call in sick for your long training run. What's that number?

DawnB said...

I found this plan very exhausting. And those mid week long runs was a killer. You're doing great. I gave up too soon. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to start again.

gumushel said...

saw a lecture tonight by Dr. John Nightingale, Director Vancouver Museum.. very interesting.. posted some pics .. crocuses are out