Monday, April 21, 2008

Baaaston is AWESOME!!!

You'd think I'd get used to this race as old hat, 'been there, done that' but it simply gets better and better. What a great day, what unbelievable crowds, what an awesome good time I had! My finish time was only 3:28:59 after a too fast 1st 1/2 in 1:38 but it was sooo much fun (I'm still in post run high mode).

I'm just going to post a few fun pics for now. Full race report later when I have more time.

pre-race in the subwayIn my corral waiting

The people you meet while running. Pink dress and pink shoes too!

Friends from St. Andrews on Heartbreak Hill and I took a moment to rest! Ha!
Ahhh, now my clothes get a little rest and cleanup too. That coffee, doughnut, chocolate chip cookies and beer were soooo goood!

That's it for now. Time for more beer, steak, brownies and ice cream (nothing is off limits after a marathon)! See you later ;-)

Oh, yeah, I did a little video of the insane Wellesley Girls Scream zone!


Grellan said...

Well done Mike. Certainly a fast first half - which gave you time to stop, chat with friends and enjoy the experience during the second half. Rest well and enjoy those beers.

Garry said...

Great job Mike! Enjoy the post-race festivities.

Jamie Anderson said...

Huge congrats Mike! I had fun tracking your progress this morning online. Nice job.

Mark Bell said...

Congrats on your Boston Marathon!

I caught a sight of you by chance when you were in your corral. Couldn't miss your outfit!

Phil said...

Congratulations Mike .. wonderful race. An inspirational performance for all of us over 50.

Thomas said...

Are you trying to run Boston as often as Johnny Kelley? Congratulations on notching up yet another one, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun.

Did you really carry a camera with you? Crikey!

Dubs said...

AWESOME! Congrats on your race! I've been dying to read all the Boston posts, but been away from my computer. I was thinking of you. You did great. I can't believe you guys can run with cameras, but I do love getting to see the pictures & video! :)


Arcane said...

Great job! Love the video.

Andrew said...

You carried a camera???

That explains a lot.

I tried to find you Mike but I couldn't. I looked and looked at the finish and then *beep* my phone said you finished and I didn't even see you go by.

Then I spent a long time at the exit hoping to catch you after you got your bag off the bus. But no joy. You slipped away unseen.

Glad you had a blast!

Quinto Sol said...

Nice!... I said hi to you around mile six or seven, but I don't think I made much sense :-)

Michael said...

Congratulations on finishing yet again, well done, you must be proud of yourself! I like the photos, you really enjoyed yourself.

Take time to relax and recover, you owe it to yourself!

Andrea Hill said...

I agree, Boston is really something special. This was my third time (after taking last year off), and it's just such an incredible time.

So tell me, do you run many races that are measured in miles? I'm Canadian but I now live in the States, so I'm used to miles. I'm running the Edmonton marathon in August and I'll be interested to see how I deal with kilometer markers!