Monday, April 28, 2008

Itching to get out

It's been a whole week since the marathon and everything is good to go so far. A few aches and pains and some soreness in the legs but nothing a little RICE and stretching can't fix. I usually do a post race evaluation or analysis and try to figure out what went right or wrong and what I could do better next time. This time around I can't really figure out what the heck happened but will give it a go.

The good:
  • consistent training with plenty of long runs since Christmas
  • perfect weather on race day and good taper and rest the week before
  • good downhill training which helped my quads survive the journey
The bad:
  • lack of enough tempo runs for me, though I did follow Pfitz's plan more or less to the letter
  • no races leading up. A few good 10k's or a 1/2 would have helped tune things up
  • more pace on long runs with at least some fast finishes would have helped too but my sore hams all winter prevented that
The ugly:
  • obviously the fast start didn't help but the 1st 5k was within a minute of where I wanted to be. Looking back I should have monitored my HR which shot up right from the start and I paid the price later in the race.
  • not getting treatment for my sore butt/hams came back to bite me. I waited too long to get it sorted out and just barely got healthy enough in time for the race. This problem interfered with getting my quality training in and ended limping along for most of the winter instead of doing the right paces.
The future plan:
  • stick with the ice and stretching routine that I'm now back into; stretching especially after a short warmup mile and after all runs
  • this spring and early summer will be aimed at my shorter distances and then going for a goal race marathon in the late fall.
The present:
  • 2 easy runs in over the last 7 days since Boston with a 5 miler on Sat and long run 6 miles on Sunday! No issues but my legs still felt sore and didn't push the pace at all.
  • Boston race pictures are now up and it appears that my uniform attracted the cameras more than usual. I especially liked the ones with the camera! You need to select Boston 2008 and enter my name 'Power' and race #6812 to see them all.
  • off to Ottawa in the morning to collect one son and to help the older son move to his new place. The running gear and camera is packed and ready!
Have a nice week!


Andrew said...

You're such a ham!

I don't know how I missed that outfit!

Garry said...

Good to hear you are recoverying well. The race pics are great! You represented the country well. Have a good trip to Ottawa and travel safely.

Thomas said...

If you've got the itch you have to start scratching. The photos are great, but I can't help but gasp at the prices! They're a rather expensive piece of commemoration.

It also looks rather crowded. I guess that's what you get at that place. I better get used to the idea.

Dubs said...

I love the pictures. The picture of you taking a picture has to be my favorite!

Not that I was checking you out but your legs look great - they just look fast. I wish I could get my quads to look that muscular in a pic!

Bob - said...

Mikeeeeeeeeeeeee Hey Bro, I just read ur Race report & saw the Wellesley Girls video clip--LOL ahhh ur such a BM stud !!

CONGRATS Mike and thanks for an awesome re-cap!

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Congrats on yet again doing Boston. I had lunch with a friend who was there as well. He finish it in 3:10:58. I call him Anyhow he brought me back a Boston pin. He showed me his medal and touching it was very emotional.....some day.