Saturday, August 02, 2008

Week-end review

I was contemplating whether to remove articles of clothing before diving in but didn't want to scare off some of our more sensitive viewers of this blog.

This was the end of a nice so-called recovery week with a total of 61 miles in 6 runs. The reason the total is high is because my 'week' goes from Sunday to Sat and included a long run 20 miler. The real Pfitz schedule goes from Monday to Sunday and only has a 14 mile on tap for tomorrow which would add up to just 55. Despite that I'll still run 17 since Andrew and I are doing the Boyden Lake loop in the morning so the total goes back up to 58. Whatever, still a goodly amount of mileage for me...

July 31 - Thur
Training: 12 miles at easy pace after work but a struggle to get done (8:20 pace) 6/10
Health: heavy legs but no aches or pains; general tired feeling 6/10
Stretching: iced and stretched!

Aug 1 - Fri
Training: 6 miles easy after work. Lazy again delaying 10 miler to Sat (8:14 pace) 6/10
Health: legs sore and tight with nice dip in pond after run 6/10
Stretching: iced and stretched!

Aug 2 - Sat
Training: 10 miles easy in fog/mist/light rain and feeling much better (8:22 pace) 7/10
Health: legs good with nice dip in pond after run 8/10
Stretching: icing & stretching planned for evening!

So far so good. This recovery week was a little 'off' with a general tired feeling and sore legs despite 'reduced' effort and mileage but I feel like things are coming around as I'm getting used to Pfitzinger training schedule again. There are now 11 weeks to go and I think I'm ready to start some real work now that my legs/hams have improved somewhat with little soreness and pain later in the longer runs. Instead they just get tired but I'll be working on that too. Have a nice week!


Thomas said...

I seem to remember that my legs used to feel at their worst during recovery weeks when I was following the Pfitzinger schedules.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Thanks for keeping your shirt on!

Hope you and Andrew had a good run today - Godawful humidity here this morning.

DawnB said...

when you said sensitive viewers I thought you were refering to the the the Gold fishes that lived int he pond :) silly me.

gumushel said...

hey mike! Thanks for the company today. I'm going home to shave my nipples! See you Wednesday at 12

gumushel said...
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Dubs said...

Your recovery weeks are almost twice as many miles as my weeks right now. Not sure I want to "recover" with you! haha!

Michael said...

Hi Mike,

Keep up the good work with the training. Do you own the Pfitzinger book, is it worth tracking down a copy?

More importantly, where do you recommend staying when racing Boston. Near the start? Finish? Is it difficult to find a place?


Anonymous said...