Friday, September 12, 2008

Fresh legs = sore body

...can be dangerous to your health. They can literally run you off your feet and directly to the awaiting couch of doom. Take yesterday for example. A quick glance of the unused training schedule revealed an incomplete medium long run. Yes, we can do that easily enough. Just need to slightly rearrange the work schedule and make it happen during and extended lunch break.

After an easy 1 mile warmup, stretches, quick stop at home for emergency band aids I was finally able to head down the highway. The first few miles were tentative but I soon settled into a nice pace with very little effort. Surprisingly I was able to easily hold if for most of the run and was under 7:50 pace with only a few stops for water etc. Today's run was spent working on my form, in particular my arm carriage which is often low and around my hips. It seems when I work at holding my arms a bit higher that the turnover rate increases with no noticeable increase in effort (other than holding my arms up).

It was a great run and felt great until I stopped when a large wall of hurt fell right on top of me as it seems I overextended myself a little bit. Spent the rest of the day and evening just hobbling around like an old man in need of a beer.

Today's run was not a pretty picture as I managed to slowly hobble around my usual 6 mile work day route. Extemely stiff and sore barely describes the feeling as I felt like I was crawling along but the actual pace begged to differ. I guess this is just my way beating the body back into submission for the final few weeks of training that are left.

Sept 11 - Thurs
Training: 14 miles (8:03 pace overall but not indicative of effort) Felt great during run but was absolutely spent afterward. Thank god for beer and ice cream.

Sept 12 - Fri
Training: 6 miles (8:15 pace) very easy run with the legs extremely stiff and sore.

Back on track almost and hoping to get a Boyden run in with Andrew on the weekend. Seems to me he's been very quiet lately. Hope he didn't get into another train wreck or something...


Andrew said...

No, not a train wreck. I've been working around the clock. My workouts have been replaced with actually driving to work. Then I work late into the evening. If this can slow down just a little bit I would be able to run.

Can't run on Sunday... I promised Maddie a motorcycle trip and I can only fit it in on Sunday. Sorry! I think I will be around the following weekend however.

Thomas said...

Sounds like you really needed that medium-long run to blow away the cobwebs.

Looking at how you felt afterwards, maybe it's for the better that Andrew can't make it on Sunday.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Um, Mike, you are an old man in need of a beer:)

bricey said...

Thanks for the message on my blog. Yeah the sub 90 came a bit sooner than I'd planned very happy with todays run - you're right it must have been the ladies that was the motivation!! :)

Anonymous said...