Sunday, November 16, 2008

Even more ridiculous!

My alarm was set for 5:45am this morning so I could meet Andrew a bit earlier for our Boyden Lake run. Overnight we got a ton of wind and rain and so the 1st thing I did was check the forecast and the radar loop...

Rainfall warning in effect

Wind warning in effect.

Day: Rain at times heavy with the risk of a thundershower. Amount 40 to 50 mm. Wind south 60 km/h gusting to 90 becoming southwest 50 gusting to 80 late this afternoon. Temperature falling to 11 this afternoon.
Yuck! I'm not interested in doing that again (just like last week) so I whipped off an email to our intrepid Eastporter.

Mike to Andrew:
>> > It's nasty out there. I'm getting cold (wet) feet here. The radar loop looks like it's all headed straight for us! What do you think?

Andrew reply:
>> I'm on my way.

Mike to Andrew:
> you fool, I'm just leaving too (will be a bit late)

So into the maelstrom I went and I definitely could feel a sucking/sinking feeling. The rain was being driven horizontally and I had to slow the van to a crawl a few times during the journey in order to see where the road was. The border crossing was uneventful although the guard who is a local runner had several questions about who I was running with (Andrew), what I was training for (Boston) and even asked what my best Boston time was (3:18). Arrived near the designated meeting spot to find Andrew already doing his warmup, so picked him up and chatted while I got geared up to go.
Besides the incredible headwind and driving rain with periods of calm and light drizzle the run was fairly uneventful. It blew our hats off and we had to revert to 'rally-cap' mode and at times we had to shout in order to hear each other. But besides that the temperature was mild at 15C/59F and it was a comfortable, easy and rather enjoyable run. My hamstrings, however, were a big issue for most of the run and I was happy to go with the slow pace. Our 12 miles came in at the same time (1:48) as we did 13 the previous week and included a couple of camera, stretching and 'health' stops along the way.

After the run Andrew sent me this email:
See? It wasn't so bad.

He was right!
The last time we went by this wheelbarrow it had flowers in it. I wonder if it will get a Christmas dressing up in a few weeks? It's almost time to start putting up decorations and making other preparations like baking of cookies and chocolate balls!! Mmmm!

Other training runs from last week:
Monday - off; Pushups: 5 sets for total of 95 and max of 23
Tues - easy 6 miles in morning before Remembrance Day ceremonies
Weds- easy 6 after work with 6x strides on the golf course fairways
(Pushup Challenge: 5 sets for a total of 108 and max of 25)
Thur - 8 miles with fartlek intervals 1-2-3-4 minutes with equal rest (2x) in 60:20. Felt good but hams getting sore at end
Fri - off with work trip (Pushups:5 sets for a total of 122 and max of 28)
Sat - 7 miles easy but legs sore and tight; total weekly mileage was 40 (Sunday-Sat)
Sun - 12 miles but very sore hams which need attention. Pushup max test of 34 which puts me into a lower level for next weeks program. Whew!

This coming week will be week 3 of the 24 week schedule. I hoping to get 40-45 miles including a hill workout as part of a longer mid-week run. More important, I need to deal with this achy hamstring issue of mine that is holding my running back from what it should be. Self massage, icing, stretching, strengthening and even some paid massage treatments will be in order starting right this minute.

That's all for now except for a few shout-outs to runners at races including Crazy Bob doing the 100 mile Javelina Jundred in Arizona with pacing support by our Speedy Dusty. You should also check out Steve (aka Bulldog runner) who ran a great race at Richmond marathon, achingly close to the PB he was aiming for. Steve first caught my attention with his McMillan training plan and the Pushup Challenge and his dedication and hard work are something to see. And don't forget Elizabeth - Run With Me who also ran very very well at Richmond knocking of an impressive BQ++ time on a tough windy day. I can't wait for the race reports from all of them!

Take care all and have a great week!


Thomas said...

I'm presently reading "Running with the Legends", and in the chapter about Steve Jones his wife says his success was down to the fact that he was still out running in 80mph winds with the rain coming in horizontal. That kind of dedication will be rewarded.

bricey said...

another wet run - well done for braving the elements. I'm facinated how you always have a camera (waterproof I presume!!) on hand. That's true dedication!!!

Andrew said...

When he first started bringing his camera we were going to throw both him and it in the lake. But now we are used to the photo ops and sort of like the digital record. So I guess we won't throw him in the lake after all.

gumushel said...

you guys ran this morning??.. umm.. wow!

Ewen said...

Oh for a bit of horizontal rain! I'm getting sick of running on dry and dusty trails ;)

By the way, we call that Leyton Hewitt cap style.

Michael said...

I don't miss those wet runs but I'm sure I'll get my fill this winter. You've got me thinking about the pushups...

Good on you two for getting out!

Wayne said...

That's crazy weather, but it's good to see that you both got in the run. Training partners are a blessing.

Andrew said...

Wayne, you've hit on something there. I am a blessing to him! I'll be sure to bring this to his attention next Sunday.

Unknown said...

The pushup challenge is about the only thing I have been sticking to lately. I am repeating week 3 of the far right column and have made improvements over last week. I can't figure out where you're at by looking at your numbers though. Glad to hear the run wasn't too bad out there in the wind and rain.

Dubs said...

I love to run in the rain, but find it hard to go out if it is already raining (better if it starts while I'm out there). Sounds like you guys had a good time! Take care of that hammy!

Starting my push-up challenge today!

Anonymous said...