Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost there

Only two more days and I still haven't wrapped my gifts...
We had quite a storm Sunday night and this was what greeted us when we opened the front door on Monday morning. Thankfully work and most businesses were closed for the day as it took the better part of 2 hours to dig our way out.

My long run on Sunday was not of the long variety with only 11 miles on the treadmill before it was time to hit the road for a family get together at my brothers. The plan had been to do about 2 hours but 1.5 was all I could manage on this day. This was my 1st venture on the treadmill this winter and it felt very awkward and hard to get in any kind of rhythm.

Monday - rest day and shovel like hell (20-30cm or 8-12 in)

Tues - 4 miles easy after work (also had my 1st physio session today with some more new things to try to cure the hammy problem)

100 Pushup Challenge
- completed week 6 and did my latest Exhaustion Test with a max of 52. This puts me into level 2 in week 6 once again as progress is painfully slow.

That's all I got for now. Hope that everyone has a nice Christmas holiday!


Unknown said...

Nice job on the exhaustion test! I am doing week 5 for the 3rd time. That's a long ways to run on a treadmill.

Andrew said...

I couldn't used some company last Sunday.

Andrew said...

I meant 'could have'. It's late.

Ewen said...

Watch out you don't build up too much upper-body muscle with all that shoveling!

Only one sleep to go down here - much cooler today, 19C :)

Grellan said...

11 miles on the first treadmill outing of the season is impressive. I did 6 miles on a treadmill once - thankfully I don't get snowed in.

The pushup challenge should help in the shovelling department.

Happy christmas.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

I want to know who is Eileen's decorator.

Merry Christmas Mike and Joanne and family!

Dubs said...

Merry Christmas!!

BURRR!! Shoveling... cross training that I would prefer not to partake in! Stay warm!

Mark Bell said...

I don't see any decorations for Boxing Day. btw, what is it?

Anonymous said...