Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beasts of Burden/Boyden

I must confess to having a senior moment during today's long run around Boyden Lake. It was just after the 1st of many dogs (mostly super friendly) came out to say hello and we started talking about his post The Beasts of Boyden and the most appropriate background music. His choice for this dog centric video was Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon but I thought that Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones was a better play on words although the lyrics aren't about running except maybe the 'put me out of my misery' line. My lapse in memory was not being able to sing/speak any of the lyrics or remember the group.
In the map above you can see the regular Boyden route that Andrew and Oz accompanied me in the wilds of Perry, Maine during our 17 mile long run. If you expanded the map just a touch you'd be able to see St. Andrews across the Bay to the northeast. The temperatures and wind conditions were much better today at around -3C/28F to start with only medium strength (<10mph) northwest winds. Before beginning the run I pleaded for mercy and for an easy pace and my friends complied allowing me a slow and easy run. We navigated the route in just under 2.5 hrs and I later remarked to Andrew how is seemed like a much shorter run than that. Another good run by the Beasts of Boyden! Thanks guys!

Have a nice week!


Andrew said...

Great run today! Just what I needed.

Thomas said...

You had already given your age away by remembering a reasonably obscure Stones song in the first place.

Ewen said...

Lately he's been overheard down east
You better stay away from Andrew
He'll rip your lungs out, Mike

Ah-ooooo, werewolves of Boyden!

I like how Andrew placed you between him and the wolves. Good turn of speed for a 'senior' ;)

gumushel said...

i was two blocks behind you for a mile down Prince of Whales street, but when we got to water street, you turned it up a notch! I thought you were injured!

The St. Andrews Kiwanis gave us $200 for Road Race promotional materials. We should ask the Town for a few bucks as well. Maybe they would match it.

Tomorrow night.. 6 miles at 4:15?

Going to resurrect Tuesday Night 5:05 Fun Runs the week after March Break..

Vava said...

Beast of Burden is not that obscure a Stones song! Nice blog, and St. Andrew's looks like a great place to run long!

Bill Carter said...

Looks like a great run! I have to admit that 28 is still a little chilly for my blood.