Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another week in the bank

Check! At last a decent week of training, more or less according to Pfitz that is but with a few minor modifications and ommissions.

Today's run was just an easy, easy 8 miles with thoughts of Sunday's 5 mile race in the forefront as well as Andrew's very insistent reminder to take it easy on my recovery runs. So instead of going by how I feel and running 8:00 pace or faster, I went out purposely as slow as I could without tripping over my feet and feeling like I was walking. I also kept a close eye on my heart rate, keeping it below 135 (which is the upper limit of my easy aerobic zone). The result was a relaxing 8.1 miles in 69 minutes for an average 8:32 pace. How's that A?

The run was followed by a dip in the pond to re-arrange and prune some water plants. The water temperature is getting more refeshing now-a-days and it feels great on the legs after a run. Total weekly mileage 74, avg pace 8:01, YTD 2205.