Saturday, December 09, 2006

Press the Easy Button

Just press here and all your troubles will be solved ;-)

And if you believe that, then do I have a deal for you! It seems like half of blogger-land is need of an easy button lately with various injuries, ailments, over/undertraining or perhaps the seasonal holiday blues. Let me see, there's Popsicle Marc still recovering from last weekend, Downeast Andrew who did too much on Friday, Blogfather Marc who just got kicked out west, Lydiard Mike who's working out the hobbles from his super amazing marathon, DGC doesn't need a shrink but has a throbbing knee, and even Marc-Run Faster Master is taking it easy!

And I'm just touching the surface of some of the blogs I read, sorry if I missed ones where things are not as good as they could be. But the short story for me is that the 'Easy Button' has been in constant use all this past week and I'm STILL TIRED! It helps a little bit but getting those runs in is still work, even if you keep telling yourself 'Easy now, slow down, just running by time today; running faster and harder won't make it go by any faster'. But for some reason I've needed that picture of the stupid Easy Button in my head to help me think about doing just that. Maybe it will help you, or maybe not but it can't hurt, now can it?

Updates since my last 'Tired' post...

Thurs - an 'easy' hour run that turned into 8 miles in 65 min because it was such a nice springlike day, mild temperature of +6C, blue skies, no wind. I was thinking about and resetting the 'button' but to no effect. Avg pace 8:07

Friday - winter came back with a snarl. Nasty wind, snow, sleet etc with a 2hr run scheduled. Ended up starting late, after work when the storm had easy and ran circles around town along the sidestreets which were mostly snow covered and unplowed. I wore my Yaktrax cleats which fit over my shoes and provide amazing traction on snow and ice. You can run with no fear of slipping what-so-ever. Now if only the body was feeling better. It was a nice evening but a little cool and windy as well but managed to get 90minutes in before I decided to call it quits. Total of only 10 or so miles and could have done more but certainly didn't 'feel' like it. Besides supper was on the table and it was time to stop!

Sat - took my time getting going this morning so that there was more recovery time since last nights run. Ended up doing a really easy 7.5 miles around 8:30 pace and had no inclination to even round it up to 8 miles (as I normally would).

Total for the week of 66 miles in 9hr 10 min. The body report is OK but not great with no major aches except the %$# achilles for the 1st mile of each run and the general tired thing which Coach Andrew tells me is 'normal'. Onward and upward!

This is the route I take when I walk home from work (it's about a mile through the woods and fields).
I also found these high bush cranberries along the trail which made me go a little artistic. The birds love these and the provide some color in the trees.


Mark Bell said...

My two year old giggles every time he pushes that easy button, brings a smile to my face too.

Just a word of caution on the YakTraks. Last winter I faceplanted within the first mile because the YakTrax wire broke and got snagged on the other. I like them otherwise, and was physically okay in that accident.

That's a pretty mile walk to work. there are so many that suffer in their commutes daily.

Unknown said...

Looks beautiful in your neck of the woods Mike. I think we could all use an easy button this time of the year. I think we all need to slow down a bit and enjoy life. And what better way than to be out on the roads taking in the scenery and spending time with our families. Have a good week.

Olga said...

Ohh, I LOVE the snow picture...I miss it here, with rain and 45F! I want white white trees and nice cozy blanket!!!

and I am against any holiday shopping frenzy.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Easy is as easy does.

Have you seen the winter running shoes that Eric bought? I am seriously considering asking Santa for a pair.

DawnB said...

I wish it was that easy :) send me one that works for christmas, will ya , nice photos

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

I'm hoping I get an Easy button for Christmas but its not likely with the plans I'm looking at for 2007. Besides wouldn't "Easy" be boring and I'm anything but

Love that last picture.

Anonymous said...