Thursday, December 14, 2006

That's more like it!

Just a quick post to let you know that there is still hope and that I didn't have the overwhelming need to lie down in the middle of the road during today's run. In fact my little 1 hour jaunt was just that, a very easy relaxing run that seemed to require minimal effort.

Looking at the numbers from the run, it was basically the same as the previous day with 7.7 miles in 63 min (8:11 pace) but it felt way more fun, almost easy again. This is all a little strange from the way I felt all day, which was a bit lethargic and in need of extra coffee. Then after a busy day at work with meeting after meeting and little chance to do any real work I rushed home and did a few quick chores before being able to get on the road. I made a couple of changes designed to make todays run easier including the downhill start, carried water and wore my newest (most cushioned) shoes to ease the strain on the body.

However, right from the 1st step there was a different feeling that's been missing lately and that was the tiny bit of pep or spring in my step that's been missing. You just never can predict a good day but that's what I was blessed with today and so the run just floated along for a change instead of the usual crawl and slogfest. Thank you, thank you! Nothing unusual in the run today. We had kind of a dreary grey day after a rain event last night and the temps of 6C (42F) were nothing special. I did run into a couple of runners who I caught up to and just kept on cruising by all the while trying to press the easy button. Eventually it got dark just as my time limit was up but the legs were still fresh and raring for more, a very good sign.
Happy running from a happy runner!


Jamie Anderson said...

Congrats on chasing away the fatigue... or perhaps more accuartely you've run away from it. Nice!

Phil said...

Sounds like you've busted through to the other side. Congratulations. Sounds like a fun run.

Andrew said...

The fatigue will be unpredictable but more manageable as the days turn into weeks. As Phil says, you truly are busting out the other side. Prior limitations are history, new ones are found.

You'll spend time and energy bumping into and up against the new limits all the while surreptitiously changing the physical and chemical characteristics of your aerobic conditioning.

Simply put, you'll run faster longer on the day it counts.

Excellent running!

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

You are a new man.

Enjoy the weekend and the long run with Andrew.

DawnB said...

congratulations on the good run Mike I really do know the feeling you are going through!!Although you are way faster than me I do understand. what a handsome pup!! :)

Anonymous said...