Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rethinking the plan

They never said it would be easy but... this constant draggy tired feeling is starting to make me wonder if I'll ever run normally again. I'm starting to get tired of being tired all the time. I look in my log and for the last 5 days in a row it says 'Tired'. Something has got to give soon and it better not be some hidden weak link in the system or some virus or cold that seems to be going around. Oh well, hopefully I can hang on for a few more weeks and re-evalutate.

On a happier note here is the rather interesting profile of my Sunday 20 mile run with Andrew. Doesn't it remind you of a series of Christmas trees with red garland floating overhead? Actually it was 4 loops of St. Andrews with a nice downhill start and ending with a long climb home for drinks and a short break. That makes 5 weeks in a row with 20+ mile long runs which breaks all previous records x2. This Andrew guy has been a good influence I think (except for the tired thing).

We had a very easy relaxing run as we were both feeling the effects of our tough schedules and even almost broke out into singing carols on the long uphills. Thankfully the fit passed and we made it to the top. Like Andrew I then spent the rest of the day looking for the nearest couch, but unfortunately had shopping, travelling, visiting and more travelling that keep me on my feet. By the time I found the couch in the evening it was pure exhaustion and not even ice cream could help by then!
A silly picture of my bro' playing with Ginger. 'And all the stockings were hung with care'

Quick recap of the last few days: Monday - rest day and still tired

Tues - delayed my run as long as possible in order to maximize recovery. It worked out to 54hr rest but still was not enough as my log calls it 'a no pep, draggy run'. Still managed to go for 11 miles in 93 minutes and there was a nice 1/4 mile in there as the sun was going down over the calm ocean bay.

Weds - sorry to bore you with all this moaning and complained but this was just more of the above. Log says 'same slow slogging pace, very heavy legs' for 7.5 miles in 61 min. Enough of that, here's another picture for your viewing pleasure and the hope for better days ahead.
Our snow is now gone, replaced with rain and warm temperatures for a few days but it'll be back soon, I hope!


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

I can only respond by quoting Renato Canova:

In the Fundamental Stage which lasts from 8-10 weeks we introduce the concept of Aerobic Power Endurance reaching a high volume of mileage... The training does not appear to be too modulated, but consistency and continu­ity in the workload is important. Often the athlete will reach a general state of fatigue that will prevent muscular freshness, but this is a normal passage during this phase, and should not be considered a sign of poor con­ditioning or, on the other hand, over training.

Phil said...

Mike ... You'll work your way through this .. your are an incredibly strong guy. Stupid question, but could the weekly 20 milers in very cold weather be taking a toll?

Jamie Anderson said...

Hope the fatigue passes soon. Sunny days seem to help. Should have a few of those in the coming days.

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

There is light at the end of the tunnel. And no, it is not a train, but rather a great race in Boston.

It could be worse, your friends could abandoned you on the side of the road, cold, injured , and hungry....

Thomas said...

I can see a certain similarity between your and Andrew's posts over the last few days: tired, fatigue and a great 20+ miles run!

Love2Run said...

Yes Andrew, that's me to a t: 'a general state of fatigue that will prevent muscular freshness'

Phil, it's not the cold (hasn't been that bad) but the accumulation of miles.

Jamie/Marc, I think I can see a light in the distance! Is it a train coming at me?

Anonymous said...