Friday, January 02, 2009

Resolution Run #2

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Cool! I figured out how to show my little running video directly without needing to login to RuncastTV (unless you want to).

Just an easy 70 minute run today with about 8 miles tallied up for the 1000 mile challenge. It was a much better day to run, especially this afternoon when the temperatures went all the way up to about -5C. It felt almost balmy, even with the wind, but my legs were feeling tired and heavy for most of the run so it felt like a bit of a chore. The hams were behaving as well but this could have just been the very slow pace.

That's it, 2 days, 2 runs, 2 posts, so far so good! Cya!


Garry said...

That is pretty cool! The pictures were really nice. And a good run to go with it. Nice job.

Andrew said...

Wow Mike! Great video!

Michael said...

Fantastic photos Mike, keep it up (and the running)!

Mark Bell said...

very nice on the video production - I'll have to try this sometime