Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stumbling along

Not quite all washed up but to use todays word of the day:

candor \KAN-der\, noun:
1. honesty in giving one's view or opinion; frankness and sincerity
2. fairness; impartiality

in total candor my training has been substantially below par as of late. Sunday's run with Andrew was a total disaster as far as the way I felt during and after the run with a feeling of very heavy legs and being dead tired. The lack of sleep and bitter cold had something to do with it, but surely you'd think we could knock off an easy 12 miler in our sleep by now.


Monday - nice rest day and did my pushups (repeating Week 6, level 2, total of 189 in 5 sets and 50 max)

Tues - just time for an easy 5 mile run after a busy day driving the boys to the airport and then back to work for a few hours. However, surprise-surprise the legs were feeling very good and almost 'springy' for the 1st time in a long while. The hams also behaved and I was tempted to go faster but took pictures (above) instead.

Weds - today was going to be a longer run but ended up only being 6 miles due to the snowstorm that started at the same time as the run. Again the legs felt almost decent but I kept things under control with a slow pace. Pushups in the morning before work were tough with 9 sets for a total of 210 and a max of 48.

That's it, no video this time around, although I've been practicing with it for my camera voice so my foreign accent doesn't get drowned out by the music next time. Have a good week!


Trevor said...

First time commenter ... just want to say how much I enjoy reading the blogs by both you and Andrew. My wife is from the Passamaquoddy Bay area (Campobello), so perhaps that's why I feel a certain connection to your posts. When we visit there this summer, I hope to drive to and run the oft-mentioned Boyden Lake route. Keep up the interesting posts.

Ewen said...

I hope you don't mind my candor when saying your foreign accent is easier to understand than the American one.

I like the photos on that Feist run - looks beautiful.

Andrew said...

You and me both Mike. The weather has a lot to do with it.

I think tomorrow's word should Candy. That will make us feel better.

Thomas said...

Have you entertained the thought that your insane amounts of pushups are leaving you too tired to run properly?

Love2Run said...

Thanks for the comment Trevor. You're welcome to run with us any Sunday morning too!

Thomas, I was wondering the same but can't figure how doing upper body work can affect my lower body that much. My real problem remains the weakness and limitations due to the hamstring issue.