Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blustery marathon pace run

11 miles in 85:10 with 10@MP in 75:01 right on target of 7:30/mi pace. Did an easy warmup of 1 mile, then dumped rain jacket and started pace run. Conditions not great at 10C, with light to steady rain and winds westerly 30 to 50k mostly across on my shoulder. In only shorts & long sleeves and I never really warmed up completely with legs feeling cold, almost crampy. Mile splits varied between 7:16 and 7:51 (2nd last mile) on this hilly out and back route. It was a decent effort in conditions I hope we won't have next week at the KV marathon but if I can do this alone I should be good to go.

Now an entire week of almost not running at all which usually drives me and my family crazy. Can't run, can't eat, all this extra energy and can't do other sports or I might get hurt. All I can do is scheme and plan, review my training log, decide on a race strategy and just do it! Looking forward to next Sunday ;-)


UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Good luck at the KV marathon. Andrew ( and I ran Nova Scotia last year and are planning on running PEI next fall.

I love St. Andrews. I played for the Woodland (Maine)men's soccer team and played several times in St. Andrews. Beautiful part of the world.

Good luck with the taper. Looking forward to the report next week.

Andrew said...

Good luck on your marathon! Maybe we can get together for a run after our respective marathons (running with Marc on the 30th). I live over in Eastport.

Love2Run said...

Hey guys,
Thanks for visiting. I'm looking forward to KV if I can get through the week w/o a hammer falling on 'my' head!? What gives? Didn't you read the part about 'not cleaning up the garage'???

Love 2 run with you sometime Andrew!

Anonymous said...