Monday, October 24, 2005

Hobble & wobble

Definitely no running for a bit now that the marathon is over with. Usually takes a week before I'm able to put in a few pitiful hobbling miles but I miss my runs already! Results are now posted and there is a nice slideshow as well. It was nuts!

Plan on a month or so of easy running before gearing up the mileage and beginning a Boston training plan. Might be a real dilemma as to what kind of plan to do. KV was a decent result on alot less effort and mileage than usual and was only messed up by less than optimal weather. Figure that I easily lost 5-10 minutes with the cold seizing me up over the 2nd 1/2.

Never been much over the 60-70mi/week in the past and have always wondered how much more my body would take before breaking down (rarely get injured - but don't want to jinx myself... 'knock knock'). Silly runners, not even able to walk normally and already planning on the next campaign! Time for more recovery ice-cream....